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People Think Arisha Razi Looked More Like A Bride Than Sara

Sara Razi Khan just got married and sister Arisha Razi was the front row guest at all the events. We have seen both Sara Razi Khan and Arisha Razi Khan grow before our eyes. The girls started as child artists and became young ladies in front of our eyes. Sara Razi Khan is married now and pictures from all the functions are in.

The wedding is the day when a girl wants to outshine everyone in the room. She wants to be the one in the spotlight and does not want anyone to take her thunder away. Sara Razi no doubt looked very beautiful throughout her wedding functions but sister Arisha Razi was close to her styling and dressing at every point from bridal shower to walima. Here are the sisters’ looks from Mehendi and Baraat:

People thought that Arisha has overdone herself and looked more like the bride. Many had the opinion that only a dupatta on the head was the difference between Sara and Arisha. Her makeup and styling were also criticized for taking away bride’s thunder as they looked like bridal looks themselves:

What do you think about people’s opinions? Does Arisha really get overboard with all her styling? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!