People Thought This Beautiful Woman Was Sarwat Gillani’s Sister

People crave to know the family side and family life of the celebrities and whenever a celebrity sibling appears on social media accounts of our favorite celebrities they instantly go viral and people get crazy. They can’t seem to get enough of their favorite actors’ life and they keep on sharing and keep on talking about their sibling until another celebrity sibling gets discovered and the never ending cycle starts again.

Recently a video and some pictures appeared on Sarwat Gillani’s social media account with a beautiful women who resembles Sarwat Gillani very much. That woman referred to as Sara by Sarwat had an uncanny resemblance with Sarwat and people started thinking that Sara is Sarwat’s sister but turns out that she is her best friend. Sara without any doubt is as gorgeous as her best friend.

Sara and Sarwat were vacationing in London, UK and apparently at the time the video was shot, they were walking on the bridge where Sara was seen talking in the video telling that they were going to Leicester Square where there are theaters, food and dance clubs.

Leicester Square is a pedestrianized square in the West end of London.