PIA Flight Attendants Fired For Making ‘Indecent’ Tik Tok Videos

Pakistan International Airlines is the only airline which represents the country yet it is also one of those few airlines which is constantly under scrutiny for some wrongdoing or the other. Pakistan International Airlines was in the news a lot lately after the administration started firing employees whose credentials did not match the posts they were given by the authorities.

Few days back a video made by the PIA crew went viral on Tik Tok. This video’s content wasn’t objectionable but the administration thought it was indecent and not in line with the culture of the society.

PIA Flight Attendants Fired For Making 'Indecent' Tik Tok Videos

While talking to the media Mashood Tajwar, the national flag carrierโ€™s spokesperson confirmed the news. He said,

โ€œYes, it is true, we have grounded three staffers along with giving them a warning for posting indecent videos which go against our cultural values.โ€

In these videos these three flight attendants are having a good time while they are on duty and obviously when they posted these videos on Tik Tok, they had no idea these videos were going to land them in such trouble. They had also been issued warning before but ultimately, PIA fired them in order to ensure that no such incidents happen again.

Here are the videos.


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  • Disgusting action. Why fired. Few months ago when PTI supported union panels won election females danced. Was that culture of PIA? Why no.acrion was taken against them. Nab chairman vidoe is as per our culture? Ir judge video? PTI should avoid discrimination.

    • Just one question… what wud your reaction b if your brother, sister, daughter or son did such an act infront of the world. If your answer is that u will b very proud of it… then go ahead i wont comment. If PTI ppl did something bad so that justifies that all others can do that also n get away with it?? What a great mindset… lolx

      • Miss/mr ..mer agar PIA larkiyo ko itnai tight kaprai pehna kar full make up mai passengers ka dil khush karnai k leyai smile kai sath as a show piece paish karsaktai hai to mera nahi khayal aisi videos par unhai fired karai ..?? As u said kai ham apnai sisters daughters ko duniya kai samna aisai paish nahi karsaktai to ham aisai bhi paish nahi karsaktai ..

  • Jo video yaha de gayi hain agar is bina pai fired kiya hai to is mai to mujhai aisi koye indecent cheez nahi lagi ??

  • Look I understand the sentiments of those speaking in favour of the hostesses. I feel, it would have been ok to have done if they were in ordinary clothing. Being in national airline, which is not travelled just by decent educated people, this could invite unpleasant encounters with such passengers. There fore, I feel ( tired writing a long msg ) that the crew needs to display a certain level of sobriety.

  • I think this is a very professional and commendable step taken by the management which should be appreciated people have been taking things so lightly and it was becoming a practice to do whatever you like and still get away with it as union will jump in to save their ass i think the message should be very clear now and everything should be in black and white well done those who do not respect the national entity they do not deserve to represent the country Pakistan Zindabaad

    • PIA is in a financial mess and a burden on National Exchequer! People responsible for that should be fired too.You can’t be so uptight about a service that requires to be hospitable and people friendly. A stern warning was enough to ensure strict adheremce to service rules.

  • However this video does not contain any vulgur or indecent act.they were just having fun with each other like many of us do but i think their uniform and position gone wrong for them as they are representing national airlines may be the authorities want their employes more decent and serios at work.in my opinion an open strict warning would do the trick rather than directly firing them.thats not good.i guess no any airline will hire them now because of this termination.

  • Utterly impossible attitude of PIA high-ups. A simple warning was enough rather than making it such a public issue. It seems we are a directionless nation who habitually strikes the wood instead of the nail

  • Ye beghairat log sirf ghareb k khilaf action lengy,jo mulk ko kha gaye wo inko nazar nhea aty,what the hell is wrong in this videos,they are having fun of life like others many of us do,

  • I have seen the above video and fail to understand what indecency is noticed by PIA officials to warrant a dismissal of concerned crew member? PIA management is ” ONE MAN SHOW” and the pleasure of the top brass is law.
    PIA crew belongs to hospitality service as in any other Airline. Unnecessary restrictions r unwarranted and cause dissatisfaction amongst the employees.
    The post reveals that earlier the concerned crew members were issued warnings for the same alleged wrongdoing. I wonder how they could be further punished for the same alleged offence. If it is true, the concerned people who penalised the crew twice for the same alleged offence shall be proceeded against for incompetence and inefficiency. It is settled law that no one can be punished twice for the same offence.

  • Disgusting action. Why fired. Few months ago when PTI supported union panels won election females danced. Was that culture of PIA? Why no.acrion was taken against them. Nab chairman vidoe is as per our culture? Ir judge video? PTI should avoid discrimination.

  • Shameful and painful AF. PIA should be ashamed beyond words. You people mess up these poor girls careers like that. They are publicly know now. How about the falling infrastructure, down the drain services, old shitty planes, over aged and under trained staff, crumbling profits etc etc ?

  • I , a federal civil servant, condemn the decision of authority and support the staff. I hope they will get much better job in some other airline services.
    They should have been appreciated on this video and could have been used for promotion of PIA if any sane mind existed in aviation division and pia authorities.

  • First of all,this is really disgusting decission to fired girls,
    If this vdo is uncultured…..put ur airhostesses in side the BURKHA n do the job.
    Good vdo ofcourse,…no vulgarness,they spreading love,enjoyment….who always away from their family n home.
    Fired them is really very very rediculas n cheap decission.
    Decission takers are 3rd class n no manner unculterd persons.
    Only Pakistan can do this thing….

  • First of all I’m sorry but I don’t agree with kicking someone out of their job that involves them to be away from they’re families friends just because they’re acting childish and secondly I’d like to clear up some info about a women being a whore and acting like a child are two different things shame on the person who is calling them whore do you even know what the meaning of whore means think before you talk I’m mean like even I used have fun at work, acted childesh and I have laughed at stupid things so before you call someone a whore step in they’re shoes for once they’re standing up all days to serve jahil people like you who don’t know how to appreciate someone who is flying up in the sky to make sure you reached to your destination without a hesitation so next time you call someone a whore learn they’re story before you judge a book by its cover.. Being childish sometimes is not wrong.. But judging someone without knowing them is wrong!

  • Tell me one thing have do you know the meaning of a whore and if you don’t let me clear it up very quickly a whore is who sleeps with more than one man, being silly and joking around is not called being a whore, are you a Muslim because I don’t think so you are.. It is very wrong to judge someone who is working hard for you standing up all day not sleeping until knowing that you are comfortable in your flight and who is flying up so high just so you can reach your destination without hesitation is that women a whore like seriously what family do you belong to i mean like tell me one thing what if those ladies were your mother, sister or even daughter what would your thoughts be about them?

  • Very good decision to fire them..this tik tok made people mad and every day we hear a news about accident using tik tok… During duty they must pay attention to their task not on tik tok..

  • Yes, indeed its a wrong to use Tik Tok while dressing in PIA uniform and on duty. But administration should give them strict warning once after that if catch them again to involve in such type of fun then fire.

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