Popular Pakistani Dramas That Should End Now

Stretching Pakistani dramas to a point where they test the patience of the viewers has become a norm now. It is a fact that knowing when to end a drama is just as important as giving it a good start. There are a few Pakistani dramas on air right now that have lost all their appeal because they have been dragged to the extreme. It is also true that this is not the first time that Pakistani dramas have been stretched like a rubber band. Few years back, the Pakistani producers chalked out a policy. According to this policy, they decided to air dramas for much longer than was the case previously. The whole idea was that the cost of such dramas would be the same as dramas which ended in 15 weeks or so but the monetary benefits will be more.

It is also a fact that once the viewers get hooked to a drama in the first 12 weeks or so, they will tune in to it every week until it ends whether they like it or not. Viewers criticize the dramas and curse the makers but they do watch these dramas till the end. That is how the producers benefit therefore they have decided to stick to this policy. There are still dramas that end without dragging, thankfully. There are however those dramas too which need to end as soon as possible since they are testing the patience of viewers.

It is of course possible for a drama to be on air for more than 20 or even 30 weeks and continue to hold the viewers’ interest. Pakistani writers definitely lack the creativity to keep the viewers hooked for that long! Usually, even the best Pakistani dramas tend to drag and get repetitive after 18 episodes. When a drama gets so monotonous and repetitive even those viewers who praised it at one time start regretting watching the show, to begin with.

Because, these dramas do not have the kind of story that can engage the viewers for so long, all the tracks lose their appeal and go haywire. This is what happens when edited scenes, forced scenarios and unnecessary flashback scenes are added to a drama in order to increase the number of episodes. Sometimes even the best stories go off track because of this reason. The writer adds an unwanted and unconvincing twist in the hope that it will make the viewers curious but most often these twists are not welcomed by the viewers.

Here is a list of those popular Pakistani dramas that should end now:

Khuda Aur Mohabbat 3

The television series Khuda Aur Mohabbat always garnered viewers’ love and support because of its quality content. When 7th Sky Entertainment announced that they were coming up with the third season of the series, the public stood divided. Imran Abbas, who was part of the first 2 seasons refused to be a part of season 3. Even though Feroze Khan who is enormously popular was going to play the lead in this third season and the writer of the drama was the same as before, a lot of people were skeptical because 7th Sky Entertainment is known for stretching and commercializing even the best scripts. Khuda Aur Mohabbat 3 has been getting unprecedented ratings but most of the viewers are extremely disappointed with this season. Right from the beginning, the focus has been entirely on grand sets and visuals.

Popular Pakistani Dramas That Should End Now

The director under the direction of the production house has since beginning done whatever he could to add innumerable filler scenes. The production house focused entirely on swaying the general public away by using Feroze Khan’s star power and elaborately designed sets and outfits. The story did not have the same appeal which the previous seasons had and Farhad’s love for Mahi has always been a topic of discussion for all the wrong reasons. Even after 27 weeks, the drama has neither picked up pace nor has it started making sense. Khuda Aur Mohabbat might be getting the ratings but it has definitely outlived its welcome and should end soon!

Pehli Si Mohabbat

Pehli Si Mohabbat had the viewers excited for a number of reasons. Maya Ali and Sheheyar Munawar’s first on-screen appearance together on the small screen was definitely one of the main reasons why viewers looked forward to this drama. Pehli Si Mohabbat started as a drama that was much more than just another love story since it offered social commentary on so many important issues which are seldom highlighted in dramas. However, with time and with the success of the drama, the production house decided to stretch it endlessly, dedicating many episodes to a single important development in the story.

Popular Pakistani Dramas That Should End Now

With time, the pace of the drama has gone from steady to stagnant. The past 3 episodes were dedicated to Zainab’s death. The viewers are particularly sick and tired of the main protagonist Rakhshi crying endlessly on screen. The director has used these crying scenes to overplay the OST and increase the timing of every episode. Apart from that, the main messages of the drama have been highlighted repeatedly through different scenes and scenarios. It is high time that we see a final climax and the drama ends before the viewers completely forget that it offered quality entertainment at one point.

Yaar Na Bichray

Yaar Na Bichray is another popular Pakistani drama which perhaps got so much popularity rather unexpectedly. The fast-paced first few episodes and Mirza Zain Baig’s performance appealed to the viewers more than anything else. It is popular among the general public because of the black and white characters and of course the stereotypical characters which people most often like. In order to cash in on this popularity, the producers have stretched the story to a point that it revolves around unnecessary plotting and planning.

Popular Pakistani Dramas That Should End Now

Like many other such dramas, misunderstandings and unconvincing scenarios are being added to every single episode in order to prolong the drama unnecessarily. It is one of those dramas which have been on air for 40 weeks even though it could have easily ended a long time back. Unfortunately, there are so many viewers who find the plotting and planning interesting therefore it seems as if the drama isn’t going to end anytime soon.


Fitoor is another drama serial that is extremely popular since it has kept the viewers glued to their television screens because of its unpredictable storyline. Faysal Qureshi, Wahaj Ali, and Hiba Bukhari’s on-screen pairing has also attracted the viewers. However, there have been many instances where the story and the characters did not make a lot of sense. Now, the story has undergone a major change and therefore this would be the ideal time to wrap the story up. Most of the viewers are still enjoying watching the drama and it has enough substance to be on air for another 3 weeks, beyond that it will be a waste of the viewers’ time.

Popular Pakistani Dramas That Should End Now

Some of these changes and scenarios in the recent episodes have been extremely illogical like Mehmal’s sudden change of heart and the way some of the supporting characters went against their personality traits to add twists to the drama to create more problems for the main protagonists. We really hope that Fitoor draws to a close soon.


Azmaish caught the attention of the public right from the beginning mainly due to its fast pace. The story of the drama is rather typical but it has a few likable characters. In the beginning, the story was moving forward at a fast pace but ever since Shiza and Basit got married; the story has been going around in circles. There has been little or no character development and the story is not moving in a different direction. It is difficult to tell what direction the writer wants to take the story. It is pretty clear that the story has lost its spark and the only thing left to do at this moment is to wrap it all up while the characters are still making somewhat sense. What started off as a typical but entertaining drama has turned into a drama that doesn’t seem to be moving forward.

Popular Pakistani Dramas That Should End Now

Although it is pretty clear that the makers of the drama want to drag it as much as they can in order to get the most out of the ratings but it would be wise to end it sooner when most people are still interested in finding out what will happen next.

Which Pakistani dramas do you think should end now? Share your views.


My name is Shozib Ali. I have done Bachelors in Media Sciences. Currently Working as an administrator and content writer for reviewit.


  • Correct your facts dear
    1) Pehli si mohabbat and Yaar na bichray are mega flops with their ratings not even touching 3 points. Youtube viewership is also miserable.
    2) Imran Abbas didnt reject KAM3 but instead he wasn’t offered KAM3 at all. He was not even the last choice.
    (yes KAM3 is a drag fest)

  • Imran Abbas didn’t rejected the KAM3… He was offered by Babar Javed when Babar Javed was head of GEO entertainment. I still remember Imran Abbas has shared the pics of season 3 script in his Instagram too. But later when 7 th Sky replaced the Babar Javed in Geo entertainment. They decided to dramatize Season 3 with total new cast. Their First priority was Feroz Khan due to already mega Hit Khaani.
    Regarding KAM3! Yes few episodes are dragged unnecessarily but yet the story has picked the pace now it should be continued with this pace to justify the script and plot.

    • He was given the script for just reading but no formal offer was made at all. Even IA clarified on ig that he isnt offered the drama yet. But Neha Rajpoot was cast as female lead.

  • I started to watch dramas
    KAM3, FITOOR, AZMAISH due to their ost. But besides this the story of these serials not ethentic. No doubt cast of these serials amazing. But due to long episodes they lose interest.

  • Pheli si Muhabbat was such a fine show but yes it is high time to end this now. It is being dragged for no reasons. Khuda aur Muhabbat 3 was not offered to Imran Abbas, In fact Feroz has always been first choice. But i am not follwoing this. Only KAM season 1 was watchable. KAM2 was also average. Geo only focuses on big sets, clothings and big houses whenever they announce the grand show. Their shows always lack stories and contents.