Priyanka Should be careful While Speaking Because She Holds a Prestigious Position

Pakistani actress Mehwish Hayat, who has recently been conferred with Pride of Performance award by the Prime Minster of Norway, has highlighted what is meligning Indian actors and the Bollywood as a whole.

In an opinion session for CNN, the Pakistani star talked about the message of peace and how can those who have the power to influence millions can play an active and important role in achieving this, especially in the on going crisis between Indian and Pakistan over Kashmir.

Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra was lashed out at the BeautyCon summit in Los Angeles for her hypocrisy by a questioner who was a pakistani . She was asked to explain her tweet in which she had supported war with Pakistan.

Her answer to the question was rather insulting and humiliating.

“Chopra’s response to her questioner in LA (“I hear you……. but I am patriotic”), as well as the February tweet, did have the effect of both shining a light on the crisis in Kashmir (despite India’s media blackout and food blockade there), and forcing many of us to think about celebrity activism, its uses — and its abuses,” Mehwish Hayat writes.

“Celebrities who act as charity spokespeople should always focus on humanitarianism. Chopra — again, a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador — should not be using her voice to legitimise a regime opposed to the values she claims to represent,” she further said.

Hayat also exposed the jingoism in Indian film industry and its active role in fueling hate among the masses.

“This is important in Hollywood, but just as much in Bollywood, where the industry has too often been used to fuel hate and Islamophobia.”

“Indian PM Modi has arguably co-opted and weaponised the country’s film industry. It is difficult, often impossible, for Pakistani actors to find work in India. Pakistan is a Muslim majority nation, and Islamophobia is a top-down industry in India: at the top, hyper-nationalist films, songs and slogans teach the masses to hate. At the grassroots, Muslims have been killed for so-called “crimes,” such as eating beef,” Hayat opined.

“This makes Chopra’s mistakes potentially all the more costly. Rather than use her position as a US-based celebrity to broaden what it means to be an Indian celebrity, she has fallen into the same jingoistic role that her fellow countrymen are forced to adopt at home, she further said.

Stressing upon the importance of being a celebrity, Hayat advised her fellows to work to ‘unite people — not divide them’.

“This where Priyanka Chopra and others have made a mistake: by lending their name to racism dressed up as patriotism, they have done us all a disservice,” Hayat said.

The actress also pointed out that grave situation in the held Kashmir and warned of playing politics on such issues.

She asked everyone with a power to change people’s mind must ‘focus on human suffering’.

“It is something I would love to work with my Indian colleagues on — including Priyanka Chopra,” she concluded.
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  • Who conferred the award and for what. Was it Pakistani consulate. It’s not Nobel awards.
    What is it. Why no newspaper says what the award is for. Looks like Mehwish was denied a role in Bollywood and Hollywood.

  • @ PriyankaChopra – Sometimes success make people forget compassion and become egotistical. However they often forget that everything can be lost in an instant.

  • Ms. Hayat has a point; no one should take celebrity endorsers and activists too seriously, and this of course includes Ms. Chopra. However, Ms. Hayat is herself a stooge of her country’s political class, and fails to acknowledge the role of Pakistan in sponsoring terrorism in India and Afghanistan. And Ms. Hayat is also apparently unaware that the creme-de-la-creme of Bollywood is mostly Muslim (the Khans and many others). So what Islamophobia is she talking about? If she wants to talk racism and communalism, she should consider why no Hindu has ever been allowed to rise to a prominent role in Pakistan’s sports or to become a cultural icon in her own country. The current PM Imran Khan unfairly kicked out Anil Dalpat from the Pakistani cricket team back in his playing days, and in the decades since, not a single Hindu has ever been featured, whilst Muslims have been mainstays in India’s cricket teams (many also becoming captains).

    • …”she should consider why no Hindu has ever been allowed to rise to a prominent role in Pakistan’s sports or to become a cultural icon in her own country” …

      perhaps because they are useless and without any talent??? O_O
      It would explain why they cannot even top the Khans in Bollywood, their own backyard where they are an overwhelming majority, no???

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  • I don’t understand why the entire media & Pakistan are after priyanka chopra’s one comment.These very people should first look into their own home,where atrocities are committed against human beings.Why did not anyone go after Malala.She in true sense deserve to be stripped of her award.Her own country drove her out & instead of working to uplift women & children in Pakistan she is concerned about Kashmiri children.That’s the biggest joke ever.So please for heavens sake clean your house & then peep into others domain.

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