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Prominent New Faces of 2015

2015 may not have been a great year when it comes to dramas in general because we got very few super hits & memorable dramas, however, 2015 proved to be a turning point in a lot of actors lives because they rose to prominence through the dramas that aired last year as they ended up getting considerable roles to play & great characters to enact. Our drama industry got a few new faces that marked their presence & convinced the viewers to notice them with their stellar performances. Even though a few of the actors mentioned in the list first appeared in 2014, but the roles they played back then didn’t earn them much recognition as compared to the work they did in 2015, that is why they are being added to the last year’s list.

Here’s a shout out to the amazing new comers that proved their mettle & grabbed the viewers attention:

Iqra Aziz:

Even though Iqra first appeared in Hum Tv’s drama serial Kisay Apna Kahein in 2014 & Express Channel’s Ishq Mein, she actually rose to fame after appearing as a main & central lead in Hum TV’s soap Muqaddas in 2015 which did really well in terms of ratings & was followed by a great number of audiences. Iqra Aziz grabbed viewers attention with her character Muqaddas as the whole drama revolved around her journey. Being comparatively new, she really didn’t let the fact hinder her from performing confidently & she did really well as Muqaddas. In the second half of 2015, she was seen as Sajjal in Hum TV’s Mol, which also did well & made her presence a bit more noticed.

Iqra Aziz

Zahid Ahmed:

Zahid Ahmed’s first ever drama serial in 2014 was Hum TV’s Mehram, where he was a second lead. Even though Mehram had a bit of the following, it didn’t bring much attention to Zahid Ahmed. In 2015, he was seen throughout the year because he appeared in one drama after the other. Hum TV’s Alvida gave him the opportunity to show his potential & he was phenomenal as Rameez. Where he got to portray a psychotic husband in Alvida, he then appeared in Hum TV’s Jugnoo & played a totally different character & got to showcase his talent in comedy as well. Then he also appeared in Hum Tv’s Tum Mere Pass Raho & the year ended with his negative role in Hum TV’s Sangat. Zahid Ahmed has done a considerable work already in such an early stage of his career in Pakistani drama industry & he has turned out to be one of those actors who actually make the viewers look forward to their work.

Zahid Ahmed

Imran Ashraf:

He first appeared in ARY Digital’s drama Kala Jadu but what got him the viewers attention was Hum TV’s Sadqay Tumhare where he played the character of Mushtaq who wants to get married to Shano & is a spoiled brat as he happens to be Police Officer’s son. His timing & expressions were phenomenal & that was the first time he got the recognition because he truly deserved it. He was then seen in Hum TV’s Mohabbat Aag Si as Arshad & had a considerable role to play because he contributed a lot in the story. Currently, he is being seen in Hum TV’s Gul-e-Rana as Asher. Imran Ashraf has really proved himself over these projects & he surely comes across as one of those who despite the nature of their character stand out the most in the lot. With his amazing performances, he surely makes everyone look forward to what more he has to offer & let’s hope that he is seen in major roles this year too.

Imran Ashraf

Ahmed Zeb:

A VJ turned actor who first appeared on screen in 2014 in ARY Digital’s Band Baje Ga, Shukk & Aitraaf. Even though he got a considerable amount of work in the very beginning of his career, 2015 really turned things for him. He was then seen in Hum TV’s Diyar-e-Dil as Moeez Tajjamul & ended up becoming one of the most talked about & hated characters of the famous drama Diyar-e-Dil. It is definitely because of his performance that everyone hated the character, which actually is a winning point for him as an actor. Despite being new in the drama industry, he doesn’t let it affect his acting & does complete justice to his characters.

Ahmed Zeb

Mariyam Nafees:

She started off her career as Zarmeenay Suhaib Khan in Hum TV’s Diyar-e-Dil in 2015. Even though she had a limited role to play, she gave her 100% & proved her acting skills as an adorable younger sibling of Wali Suhaib Khan. She added a charm in all her scenes & didn’t come across as someone who was appearing on the TV for the first time. With her great performance, she definitely is someone to look out for as she will do wonders. Currently, she is being seen in Ishq-e-Benaam which also airs on Hum TV.

Mariyam Nafees


She first appeared in HUM TV’s drama serial Shanakht in 2014 as Ayesha, which was a beautiful character of a girl who inspires Annie to work on her shortcomings. She had a limited role to play but she did really well. Faria later appeared in HUM TV dramas like Muqaddas & Diyar-e-Dil in 2015 & that’s when she got recognition that she deserved for her good acting skills. She was mistaken to be Maya Ali’s sister or even at times her twin sister because of the resemblence. Well, now we know that if there happens to be such a drama where Maya Ali needs a sister, Faria definitely can play that role.


So, these were the new faces that rose to prominence in 2015. Please share your thoughts about all these great new comers & their acting skills, also please feel free to add more names to the list too. :)

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