Public Disapproves Of Yashma Gill’s Support For Dania Malik

Aamir Liaquat left the world in a sudden manner and the whole country including his family members were in severe shock. This happened just a few days after he recorded a few messages saying that he will leave this country and he was heartbroken. His wife Dania Malik was the reason as she left him and later leaked his private videos on the internet.

Dania has been getting a lot of hate since Aamir’s death not just for the leaked videos but also the way she has been conducting herself since then. Actress Yashma Gill came out in her support and asked people to leave Dania alone:

People have however, completely disapproved of this support and they want Dania punished by law. Some also accused Yashma of using woman card. Here are some reactions:

Pakeeza Dar

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