Public Reaction On Promo Of Jhooti

Iqra Aziz and Ahmed Ali Butt are coming together as a couple in the upcoming drama ‘Jhooti’. Ahmed Ali Butt is a shop owner while Iqra Aziz is his wife. Iqra Aziz will be playing the role of a liar woman throughout the drama.

Public Reaction On Promo Of JhootiAhmed Ali Butt will play the role of a serious man and the story revolves around his depressing life including his family and compulsive liar wife.

Yasir Hussain is also part of this project. This is the first time Iqra Aziz and Yasir Hussain are going to share the screen.

Public Reaction On Promo Of JhootiWell, The first look of Jhooti was released in which Iqra Aziz was faking domestic abuse. The promo is going viral and people are criticizing the producers and actors of the show for trivializing the sensitive matter.

Public Reaction On Promo Of JhootiCheck out hate tweets:

While other people had different views for ‘Jhooti’. People also believe that we are judging just by having a look at the promo and social media should wait for the drama to be released.

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  • Jo log criticize ker rahay Hein woh sabh Aurat card chalanay walay hien especially woh khawateen Jo aisay bol ker mard ko badnaam Kerri heinn upper comments kernay walay mostly khood jhooti feminist s he heinnn… Sarooo marooo rum sabh.. good job done iqra and the writer n entire team..sabh logo key ankhein kholnay k liye k Aurat ka yeh Roop bhi hota hay jissay woh bahut achay say cash Kerrti hay… Best of luck team Jhooti.. looking forward to seeing everyone.

  • I m also against showing woman as a liar and cruel..pakistani dramas are showing women either too pitiable or merciless..but these dramas very rarely show the strong side of woman which is alarming

  • I think that people r over-criticizing this new promo of “Jhooti”. I think that it is not written or produced against women and it does not say that women r pathological liars. I perosnally think that this drama is a perfect example of what happens to a certain person when he/she lies.

    As I said, feminists and people r over-reacting to this promo, even though the drama hasn’t even started yet. Listen everyone! U can’t expect every pakistani drama to be a life-lesson. Just stay quite and enjoy the scenes and the story.

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