Public Response On Yashma Gill’s Rap on Corona Virus Awareness

Corona Virus is getting stronger day by day. There is no vaccine that can cure Corona Virus effected people.  More than 1 million people in world are corona infected and more than 55 thousand people have died because of Corona Virus. Governments around the world have announced lock down to refrain people from leaving their houses. Celebrities are also playing their part to raise awareness among people. In Pakistan media celebrities are uploading videos educating people about the severity of crisis that can be caused by the spread of corona virus. Some are spreading words through tweets other are taking help on Instagram stories. In such a crucial time Yashma Gill also came forward to play her part in public awareness.

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Yashma Gill released a rap through which she tried to raise awareness among people. Here is a link to Yashma Gill’s rap on COVID’19 awareness:

Public gave a mixed repose on this rap video of Yashma Gill. Some people really liked this effort of Yashma Gill.

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On the other hand some people disliked it and mocked Yashma Gill and called her Dhinchak Pooja of Pakistan.

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IMG 20200403 231651

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If we look at the overall public response more people liked Yashma Gill’s rap. Thumbs up to Yashma Gill’s effort to aware people. Share your views about Yashma’s rap in comments section!


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