Quratulain Baloch’s Collaboration With Noori

Drama serial, Humsafar changed the game for many artists, and one of these lucky artists is the super talented Quratulain Baloch (also known as QB). She is one of the most unique and distinctive voices out there, and for that reason, she is one my favourites.

Talking to Express Tribune, QB shared quite a bit about her work and experiences as a female singer.
Recently, she did a song, Aar Ya Paar, for Cornetto Pop Rock which was performed in Islamabad earlier this month. This was penned by the ambitious singer herself and produced by Noori. The song is special for QB, ”Not having a grasp on the language, I was able to pull off my philosophical take on life, my feelings and inspirations and how I have perceived myself as a human being.”
QB speaks highly of Noori, “When two crazy idealistic people meet, something extraordinary happens and this is what happened with our collaboration. It could not have been possible without the influence the band has had on all of us”.

About her over all journey and experience, “Our society is such that people want to be entertained by female singers but they don’t want their daughters singing. I’ve been very lucky in that department because I feel that there aren’t many female singers in Pakistan. Now is the perfect time for female singers to put themselves out there.”

Humsafar OST and Sammi Meri Waar are my favourite songs by QB, which ones do you enjoy? x240-6b9


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