Rabi Pirzada announces to leave showbiz

After a tumultuous week of having her private videos leaked and the world gathering together to either shun her or lend her support, actress cum singer Rabi Pirzada has made an announcement.

Rabi took to her Twitter to state that she had decided to leave showbiz for good and that she sought forgiveness from her creator.

“I, Rabi Pirzada am quitting showbiz. May Allah forgive my sins. And soften the hearts of people in my favour,” she tweeted with verse from the Quran that states it is up to Allah to give respect or  abase any being.

Earlier Rabi lodged a complaint with the Federal Investigation Agency over the leaked video that had gone viral on social media. Rabi had also sought help from Cyber Crime Cell stating that her videos had gone viral from her smart phone that she had sold some time ago. A complaint was also registered against the person Rabi had sold her phone to.

Over the span of 15 years where Rabi launched her career as a singer and continued as an actor alongside, she has had a number of controversies to her name. Sometimes its posing with a live cobra or featuring them in her song, sometimes its a blunt comment on ISPR and even posting pictures with bombs on a jacket.

On Twitter, people are now sharing all sorts of reactions to the announcement Rabi made.

Some people are supporting her decision to quit showbiz and wishing her strength, happiness and ease.

However, some people also urged Rabi to not surrender to the pressure and to stand her ground.

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  • If you really mean it what you have said and fulfill the obligations of your promise believe me this alone will take you to the higher ground than where most of us are standing, Allah may look after you and give you courage to face difficulties with ease and grace,

  • you had made a very wise decision . It would be surely better for you . May Allah give you strength to stay what you have planned for your upcoming life .
    those saying you shouldn’t . must consider their family instead .

    farewell to Rabi Pir Zada

  • اللّٰہ جب بھی کچھ لیتا ہے تو کچھ بہتر دینے کےلیئے لیتا ہے. شاہد آپکی بھی یہ نادانی یہ غلطی آپکو راہ راست پر لانا چاہتی ہو. پریشان نہ ہوں آپ اس دنیا میں سب کی اپنی اپنی عزت ہے دوسرے کی عزتے کیا ہوتی یا عزت کرنا بہت کم لوگوں کو آتی ہے. اللّٰہ سے توبہ کریں اور دنیا کو اس کے حال پر چھوڑدیں یہ کسی حال میں نہیں خوش آپ بھی زندگی میں کسی پر بھروسہ نہ کرنا. کچھ حلالی مردوں نے سب مردوں کے اوپر مرد ہونے کا دھبہ لگایاہؤاہے. اللّٰہ ایسے مردوں کو ہدایت دے آمین اور سب کی عزتیں محفوظ رکھے آمین.

  • Take care yourself Sister. ALLAH forgive all mistake by pure TOBA . so , you are pure now and live your life. You should planned your life and go ahead .. My prayers and farewell for you ..

  • We need forgiveness only from Allah Almighty. May Allah bless you with peace of mind! Ameen!

    Stop worrying about people not worth it.

  • Rabi ap prshan mat ho .. ye sb hota hi rahta hai life me .. wese mujhe bht hi afsos hua .. or abhi bhi hai ye mistke kese hoyi .. itni si bat hai par isse ap apna crier kyu chodna cha rhi ho .. me soch rha tha banda yr is position pe hote huye pura crier kese apne hand khrb kr leta hai .. ap aise soch ke kuch nh hoga .. log bolte rahange .. ap age badhti rho .. kash aisa nh hota par kia kr sakte age badho