Rabi Pirzada’s Version Of ‘Rashke Qamar’ Is A Serious Disaster

It’s one of those days when you come across musician ruining the precious little we have left of Pakistan’s musical legacy. It’s not like renditions or remakes are bad, but if doing it, why not do it by preserving the legacy of a beautiful folk song.

Rabi Pirzada released her version of Legend Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s classic song ‘Rashke Qamar’ and i hate to admit but it’s actually a disaster and has me in tears ‘of sadness’. The song and the video itself is a kind of torture on a being. However, it’s clear that planning and execution has gone into making the music video but Rabi has devastated and ripped off the beautiful original version.

The woman who was bashing Bollywood for spoiling our youth actually came up with something which was totally unexpected, violence and romancing with a snake?

Rimsha Butt