A new song of Raasta is out and we are not sure how we feel about it

Raasta is an upcoming Pakistani film starring Sahir Lodhi and produced and directed by Sahir Lodhi.

The trailer of the film received mixed reviews. While some praised Lodhi for his efforts, others called him a wannabe Shah Rukh Khan.

However, a new song of the film is out and we are not sure how we feel about it.


The video features Sahir Lodhi and Saida Imtiaz dancing in the middle of the streets as a song close to the tune of Bollywood item songs plays. The duo is dancing with all their energies but in all honesty, the moves are not that impressive.

Apart from the video not being extraordinary, the song isn’t catchy either.

The movie is set to release on 23rd of March, 2017 and we can’t wait to find out how it is received by the audience.