“My character in Rehbra has a very new look”, shares Ayesha Omar

Ayesha Omar recently gave an interview to Instep and talked about films, TV, music and her car accident.

She has an exciting year ahead of her. She has a film coming up as well a music based reality TV show.

“I’m in Lahore these days for the second last spell of shooting for my upcoming movie, Rehbra with Ahsan Khan. We have one more spell in Karachi before the movie is turned over to post production and amusingly enough, it’s set to be released nearly side by side with my other film, Yalghaar around October or so.

You can call it a journey of self discovery for my character in the film. Her name is Bubbly and she’s a middle class Punjabi girl who’s very happy go lucky and true to her name until tragedy befalls her and she has to evolve in order to overcome it.

It’s a fun character and a very new look for me. She dresses very differently from what my personal aesthetic is so I’m also quite excited about how the look will be received,” said Ayesha.

She even talked about the team of production and direction of the film:

“The producers of this film don’t belong to a movie background and this is their first foray into the business so it’s definitely a learning experience. My director, Amin Iqbal has extensive experience with dramas but it’s also his first film. He and his enterprising team of interns are quite creative and innovate a lot which is great and I’ve learnt a lot from them.”

After her films, she has a music based reality TV show coming up too.

When the discussion moved towards her health, she had to say:

“I’ve been walking around with a broken collar bone since my accident over a year ago you see. The doctor wanted to wait six months before operating to see if it would heal on its own but unfortunately that hasn’t been the case with me.

I need an operation to set the bone right and then obviously my movement will be restricted during the time I’m recuperating from the procedure. It’s been quite challenging managing with a broken bone. I was lucky that it wasn’t a weight bearing bone like my leg or my arm but obviously my ability to perform certain tasks is impaired. I can’t even lift a 1.5 litre water bottle with that arm but thank God I’ve managed to complete all my professional commitments,” said Ayesha.

“My character in Rehbra has a very new look. She dresses very differently from what my personal aesthetic is so I’m also quite excited about how the look will be received”, further shared Ayesha.

We hope and wish that our talented and gorgeous actress recovers soon and that all her future projects turn out to be a success.