Rabia Butt fell for an April Fool’s prank and later slammed the publication for it

April Fool’s day has become a really big deal all over the world. From you family to your friends, celebrities to online publications, everyone tries their hand at it on April 1st.

A well known publication reported on April 1 as a prank that the new Islamabad Airport would be named after China’s President name ‘Xi Jinping’.

Many people fell for it who did not bother to read the whole article which mentioned in the end that it was a prank.

However, model Rabia Butt fell for it too and posted about it on her instagram when she found this news shocking.


Right after finding out it was a prank as another publication pointed it out, Rabia was not pleased either.

She posted a screenshot of the article which pointed her out as falling for the prank. She wrote:

“Wow I just thought that one can never joke about the county or may be I’m way too sensitive about my homeland.”

Hence, she slammed the publication by naming it on her instagram to her 78K followers.


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