SomeWhatSuper to collaborate with 9 different artists

Feroz Faisal and Talha Dar make up the band, SomeWhatSuper. They produce tracks fusing EDM with Urdu.

Everyone loved them for their song, ‘Bandook’ . They were in the news again when the collaborated with Ali Gul Pir for ‘Modi Teri’ which was a song with a political and social message.

People loved them again when they sang with Abid Brohi who sang ‘The Sibbi song’ for Patari Tabeer.

They are now being approached by various brands to do corporate commercial work.

Upon not confirming anything yet, they have said that they have planned a huge performance for the future.

“We will be working with nine different artists in 2017. We are also adding the final touches to our album,” shared Faisal and Dar with Instep, The News.

The album has been complete since a year, but the electronic music producers are adding new stuff to it since last year.

They haven’t given the names of all the artitsts they are working with. However, they did reveal that they are working with Uzair Jaswal and Soch the Band.

We can’t wait to hear this album!


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