Bidding Farewell To Naml

What an awesome journey it had been! A novel which initially laid the foundation of taking revenge of  Murders++I should say, by a family which was dismantled by the rich relatives ended at pretty much the same note.The Kardaars horrific story ended at exactly the same point where Sonia the daughter of Hashim has taken over the charge of taking revenge without exactly knowing the truth behind all this fiasco. Well said by Nemrah Ahmed that the cycle of revenge keeps on going and passes down to generation after generation. The true wisdom behind the forgiveness  of Murder at the time of conquer of Makkah by our beloved Prophet Muahmmad S.A.W was to put a seal to this whole cycle of revenge which keeps on going and becomes the main reason of destroying families and spreading hatred.

Well, the most prominent thing about this novel for me had been the character development of all the characters. I believe in a writing which is relatable and that will actually hit the chords of your heart and shake your mind to contemplate and question about your deeds and that only happens if the characters are shown more human than angelic or evil. Apart from Hashim and Javahirat all the other character’s life is somehow inspirational and urges us to ponder our lifes.

The journey of Saadi, has been inspirational where a boy who was full of self- confidence was shattered and humiliated by the guilt of killing someone in self-defense was a clever way to show his dark side as well and to make the viewers understand that every person will face something in their lives which would change him forever whether it be for the better or worse depends on our way of dealing with the trauma.

I am damn sure, the character of Haneen has been an eye-opener for many girls. A girl falling for someone and then raising herself back was such an amazing way for putting forth the lesson that ‘’ you are your own hero’’. Thankyou so much Haneen for that!

Zumar, my love for this character is so much that I don’t know if I will ever come across a lady with such personality in other novels except Aks. This lady has gown through so much but damn look at her way of coming back and fight for the family…. We will always miss Zumar.

Faris Ghazi this dou number insan was the hero in disguise from the very beginning and we were thinking Zumar will be the one to hit the nail in the coffin but it was none other than Faris Ghazi with his heroic actions and humble heart that surely made him the hero.

Red Lady- I honestly felt for her, I know she has been evil to gain her love ,she troubled the life of Zumar and Faris but at the end she tried to save her and got killed and yes Thank God she got killed after confessing all and choosing the right path why I said Thank God for her being killed is because Suicide would have led her to other complications and atleast here we can pray for her.

Let’s assemble all the evils together Lol, Hahsim Kardaar nahi sudharne waala, I was one of those wishful thinkers who optimistically wished for a change of heart in Hashim but Alas, we had to face this. We had to read all this because there are people who never change and Hashims’s end will be written by Sonia’s life for that we have to wait for Naml part 2. It was such a relief to see all the plastic beauty draining out while the Sulphuric acid was dripping from her face… you deserved it Javahirat! I am unapologetically being inhumane here Lol.

All the side characters had their significance and they played their role beautifully. I cannot thank Nemrah Ahmed enough for this masterpiece although I didn’t like the ending but we cannot always have a conventional end though.

A little Award Ceremony here and I want you guys to share yours as well and Let’s see who gets the best suitable title complementing its personality.

Saadi – Mr. Over Confident

Faris- Dau Number insan

Zumar- Nakchari Queen

Haneen- Main apni hero khud hun

Hashim Kardaar- Main Sambhaal lunga

Javahirat- Miss Plastic plus Fake Beauty.

Nausheravn- Mr. Drug Addict.

Dr.Sarah- Main Darpoak hun.

This is it from me add more from yours and share your views about the Last Episode of NAML and yes yes yes waiting anxiously for the new Novel ” Haalim” starting this May!

Can’t wait to discuss it with you guys!

P.S Sorry for being late and late doesn’t mean it would never happen



Fatima Awan & Zahra Mirza