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rahat fateh ali

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan Deported From Hyderabad Airport

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan arrived at the Hyderabad Airport yesterday because he had to perform on a new year eve function. The singer was not allowed access to the city and was deported because of “technical reasons”. India has special laws for nationals of Pakistan and Rahat Fateh Ali did not confirm with some of these laws. Pakistani nationals cannot enter India through Hyderabad, they can only do so through Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai.

rahat fateh

Talking to the media one of the officials said,

“If a Pakistani national enters through any other airport, except the four metros, his/her travel to India cannot be recorded. Hence it is mandatory that they stick to the four ports. This system has been put in place to monitor the movement of Pakistani nationals in and out of the country.”

rahat fateh ali

The customs officials however said that the reason for his deportation were flaws in his travel documents.