Reactions on Hamza Ali Abbasi & Naimal Khawar’s Wedding

Hamza Ali Abbasi and Naimal Khawar are under the radar ever since the news of their marriage has become public. In the age of social media, everyone feels entitled to share their opinions on everything that they come across on the internet. Celebrities especially in general are always targeted for everything they share, be it related to their personal or professional lives.  Every single actor or actress goes through the scrutiny of the audience who know them and watch their work in dramas or films. Being a celebrity does come with the territory, where some people respect your line of work, others always have a thing or two to say about it therefore, Hamza and Naimal are not being treated any differently.

Hamza Ali Abbasi’s Facebook Explanation and Its Consequences:

Hamza Ali Abbasi and Naimal Khawar’s wedding news became public yesterday. This came as a surprise to everyone but just when everyone was trying hard to find out more details about Hamza and Naima’s courtship, Hamza Ali Abbasi put everyone’s speculations to rest by sharing his stance and thought process behind this important decision of his life, on Facebook. Hamza Ali Abbasi explained that he and Naimal were friends for 2 years and he has been doing the best he can to find and walk on the right path. Hamza spoke in detail about all the things that convinced him to propose Naimal and how she, not only respected but accepted his perspective. Hamza and Naimal are getting married in a small intimate ceremony on August 25th, followed by a reception on the 26th of August, 2019.

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Hamza Ali Abbasi’s post about his marriage and his reasons behind his decision is being scrutinized and everyone feels the need to share their opinion about it. Where a lot of fans, followers and colleagues are showering Hamza and Naimal with well wishes, there are a lot of people who are mocking his ideology and stance on this relationship. People are finding it hard to accept that Hamza is just getting married for the sole reason of pleasing Allah, in fact they find it an eager attempt to show how religiously and morally superior he is. Hamza Ali Abbasi has called out a negative attention on him and Naimal and not everyone is too pleased with his reasons. A lot of people feel Hamza is not doing the right thing by getting married to Naimal because he has no feelings for her. Every single celebrity gets judged and mocked and sadly, Hamza Naimal’s wedding has not been spared either.

Here’s what is being said about Hamza’s Explanation and his marriage to Naimal:

For some, Hamza talking about religion has rubbed them the wrong way

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The Memes:

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Some can’t stop judging Naimal Khawar’s Makeup and Filters:

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People Are Not Happy With The Way Hamza Proposed:

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People also compared Hamza and Naimal to Iqra and Yasir:

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Amidst the judgmental notions, there are also some people have nothing but good things to say about this marriage:

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What are your thoughts about it? Do you feel people are being too judgmental or they are right in sharing their opinions about everything related to Hamza Ali Abbasi and Naimal Khawar’s wedding? Share your say.

Zahra Mirza

Zahra Mirza got associated with in 2012. After moving to Australia, Pakistani content was a way of staying connected to the roots, language & Pakistani culture because it felt home. Eight years ago, review writing began as a hobby but has now turned into a passion.


  • Too bad! Why cant ppl stay out of it!!! Appreciation koi nhi bus tanqeed hi tanqeed! Us ne aisa kaha hi kia hy jo itni fazool bkwas!! Pathetic!
    LET IT BE…. why is it so difficult for some people?

  • Believe me I have seen same people saying on Twitter about Iqra Yasir that iT Is tHeiR liFe dOnT JuDGe.
    These pseudo Feminists have problem with Hamza whatever he says or does.

  • Ok so I’m not saying this from thin air. I have a background in Psychology and am doing my Masters in Counseling in the US. People are misinterpreting his words. This was legitimately hard for him. From his words like “he has never been able to sustain an emotional connection from someone of the opposite gender” and how never saw himself getting married ” to “many things that cause you pleasure are the things that cause Allahs displeasure”, it is clear that Hamza Ali Abbasi struggled immensely with feelings towards the same gender. He has been fighting this inward battle for years. There is no reason a man would write such a passionate post. He hated his feelings but fell into the urges many times. He knows it was wrong and thats why he begged Allah to guide him away from it. He asked Naimal to take that step to get away from his old lifestyle. He is happy now about it and probably considers himself reformed. This is also why he has so many platonic female friends. Why else would someone as attractive as him be single till 35. Does anyone not see this??? This wasnt a guise to act religiously superior. It was a passionate declaration of the power to change for the sake of Allah. I admire him a lot actually and it pains me that people haven’t been able to interpret the message for what is was.

    • Thank you so much for your insightful comment. I agree, even I found his explanation genuine & heartfelt. He has always been vocal & transparent about everything, so not sure why everyone is reading between the lines with this one.

    • This is the best analysis so far.after reading ur analysis i read hamza statement again.and now truely believe what u said. i think Reham khan was also right when she raised similar questions about his i can understand why he was having panic attack before publication of Reham’s book.
      I hope he remains on same path which he has chosen now. But i think Naimal may have to face several problems in this new journey.

      • We shouldn’t speculate and form opinions about such things.We might be committing slander unknowingly…What if the guy was just commitment-phobic and dated girls without being sincere and fully committed back in the day?Thats what he meant by “couldn’t sustain an emotional connection with the opposite gender.”We shouldn’t over-analyze his words even if he wrote an essay lol!

        • I respect your thoughts. I don’t think a guy would describe the scenario you mentioned as turmoil. Thats a powerful word. He also said he was marrying only for the sake of Allah and nothing else. A guy who is a committment phobe would still choose a girl he is ‘kinda’ in love with. Not a girl who is his platonic friend. You do realize platonic means no sexual attraction whatsoever. I think he chose her because he liked her mature personality and he felt she would say yes. The other thing is that even guys who are players, they still feel some type of emotional connection with a girl. At least slightly. Men are not total robots lol. He said clearly “no emotional connection with the opposite gender”. Do toy want him to disgrace himself but being fully open? I think this was an open message to guys who struggle like him that there is a possibility to change and become a new man. I know its hard to digest, but that’s my take. ALLAH knows best. Wish him loads of happiness and peace.

          • Sorry to say, but my friend you are jumping to a conclusion too fast. To completely understand someone’s psyche/behavior, practioners should be fully aware of his/her moral, cultural and religious values. In islam, adultery is haram and a major sin so turmoil is not a strong word for this situation. Medically, The struggle is real for unmarried males to stay chaste for a longtime, thats why islam prescribes early marriage or fasting.

            Psychologically, No, being platonic doesn’t only mean “no sexual attraction whatsoever,” it can also mean that the attraction is there but it’s suppressed. He never said “no emotional connection with opposite gender” but “ was not able to SUSTAIN an emotional connection.”

            Also he said he was not in love with her at the time of the proposal but now they “cant breath without eachother” . So, the assumption that a homosexual person would be making this kind of statement about the opposite gender is far-fetched. There are also commitment phobe guys who do arrange marriages.

    • What i understood from his post is that he had been unable to keep a long term relationship, emotional connection or long term commitment with only one woman but had desires or temptations for other women (not saying that he may have acted on his desires) at the same time, thats why the thought of marriage or life time commitment was difficult for him. However, now Allah swt has guided him after his struggles and prayers to make a long life commitment. nowhere in his post, I noticed that he is pointing of a desire towards the same gender.
      PS. I am also physician in US with interest in psychiatry.

      • I remember 3-4 years ago, hamza mentioned taking a marriage advice from imran khan, this is an Excerpt from dawn newspaper:

        On love and marriage
        Hamza Ali Abbasi’s legions of female admirers can take heart: the hunky heartthrob is not getting married any time soon. In fact, he’s never even been in love!

        “I have never fallen in love and the feeling that you can’t live without a person has to be there,” he said.

        Girls have none other than PTI Chairman Imran Khan, who doubles as Hamza’s ‘love guru’, to thank.

        The actor shared: “I once told Khan sahab how I was drawn towards this woman and he gave me some sound advice: ‘Marry someone whose qibla (direction) is the same as yours’— that made a lot of sense, like I am very opinionated so I can’t live with someone who has no opinions.”

      • I remember 3-4 years ago, hamza mentioned taking a marriage advice from imran khan, following is an Excerpt from dawn newspaper:

        On love and marriage
        Hamza Ali Abbasi’s legions of female admirers can take heart: the hunky heartthrob is not getting married any time soon. In fact, he’s never even been in love!

        “I have never fallen in love and the feeling that you can’t live without a person has to be there,” he said.

        Girls have none other than PTI Chairman Imran Khan, who doubles as Hamza’s ‘love guru’, to thank.

        The actor shared: “I once told Khan sahab how I was drawn towards this woman and he gave me some sound advice: ‘Marry someone whose qibla (direction) is the same as yours’— that made a lot of sense, like I am very opinionated so I can’t live with someone who has no opinions.”

    • Wow you are taking this too far haha!if he didn’t get married it doesn’t mean that he wasn’t into girls lol!By the looks of it he clearly has a past.He clearly dated a lot of girls in the past but did not commit to one sincerely by marrying her.he realized the importance of life-long commitment and marriage when He came close to Allah.that’s why he is marrying Naimal instead of just dating her.that’s what he is talking about

    • I am also doing my master’s in counseling and you need to stop making assumptions. You are making interpretations based on a single Facebook post, when you haven’t met him or spoken to him in real life. I hope you keep an open mind with your clients. Yes, it is certainly possible that HAA is gay and is trying to live his life in accordance with the word of Allah. It is also possible that he just had a tough time establishing relationships with the opposite gender. He could be asexual and not experience sexual attraction to anyone, demisexual (only experiencing sexual attraction to someone he knows very well), or any number of things. If he is not willing to share more than that, then who are you to make such a big interpretation?

  • Shameless people who thinks negative about them. Hamza n naimal we really love u both.Allah pak AP dono ko har muqaam par kamyaabi dey. Really v happy for u n ur families

  • People leave them alone. Nowhere in his message, it can be implied that he is gay. Not getting married till the age of 35 doesn’t mean he is gay. I know several people who are still not married and reaching their 40’s but they are 100% straight. It’s just that they are not ready to be commited, or they are too busy in their career, or they have not found their soulmate yet, simple!

    • Exactly,

      I’m a 46 year old straight female, never have I had the urge to want to get married. I complete myself, I don’t need someone to complete me. I’m happy with my life being single, I get to do what I want when I want without having to consult anyone else.

  • yeh bande kisi ko nahi bakshte, at end of the day agar dekha jaye to hum sab Allah ki waja se shadi karte hai, ghalat relationship rakhne se to acha hai shadi karle, ab kaise propose kiya hai sirf yeh dono jane, meri dua inke sath hai

  • I literally can’t believe the hate directed at these two!These guys calling Hamza “as someone trying to act too religious”, a “hypocrite” and “judgemental about “dating”” are being blatant hypocrites by judging Hamza anyways…in Islam, the purpose of marriage is to complete your deen, to get closer to Allah and become a better human being and a better Muslim.he was alluding to all this when he said that he is marrying for Allah.and isnt this the same as arranged marriages?They don’t begin with love but love develops overtime…Also he said that “they can’t breathe without each other.”Doesn’t that mean that they love each other? :) he doesn’t have to say everything out loud!Its very sad that people judge and vilify those who want to follow Allah’s path…like, if you aren’t religious, that’s cool!but don’t ridicule others who are trying to make efforts.No one’s perfect!

    • I genuinely believe that what Hamza meant to say was that he wasn’t in love with her in the first place but he did like her, so instead on dating her, he decided to ask her to get married, hoping that Allah would be pleased and help me develop a bond with her and now his statement that we can’t breathe without each other clearly suggests that they are in love. He is just NOT too good with words, hence people always end up judging him. Animal has known him for 2 yrs she wouldn’t get married to him if she didn’t think he was the one. So people need to stop judging him.

  • Just leave them alone. Why people start making such assumptions. Anyone can’t assume anything about any person by a single post.
    Just wish them with good wishes.