Reema’s Sweet Gesture For Imran Abbas

What’s more beautiful than a handsome hunk & a diva being bffs? Well, nothing apparently. And we have a proof. We gush over celebrities’ banter on twitter & instagram. It feels great to know that stars like everyone else are humans & can be friends to each other.


Something that makes their friendship even wonderful is those sweet gestures they make towards each other despite having tight shooting schedules. As someone said, “There is nothing on this earth to be prized more than true friendship”.

One such pair that we love is Reema Khan and Imran Abbas. The two are known to be very good friends. They previously appeared in many chat shows, The Aftermoon Show With Yasir, being latest. Both are fond of each other & we love them for loving each other.

What makes their friendship truly exceptional is a sweet gesture made by Reema Khan. She recently celebrated Imran’s birthday belated at her residence in the US. It was attended by many known people including Humera Channa & their close friends.

Entertainment industry is known more for stars’ animosty due to professional jealousies, big egos and busy lives but here is a pair proving that notion incorrect. Friendship truly is a beautiful relation and what’s better than celebrating it like two of our superstars did.

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