Release of a New National Song on Pakistan’s 70th Independance Day!

It isn’t necessary to live in your homeland to have a patriotic spirit or to show your patriotism. On the 70th Independence Day of our homeland, Pakistani Sufi Opera star Saira Peter is preparing to release a new National song (Milli Naghma).

Saira recorded the song earlier this summer but as it was done for 14th August, she will be waiting for that date to finally release it to the world. Drawing on her extensive Western classical training, she has gradually enhanced the melody, introduced harmony and built up the instrumentation in ‘Aye Sar Zameen’.

She completed the early versions of this national song with the help of seasoned recording engineer Andy Rugg (whose clients include Beyonce, Radiohead et al). All of this was done at London’s Soup Studios.

Later, the takes were engineered by Dan Blackett, but she called in lead engineer Giles Barrett for final mixing and mastering on Soup’s vintage 1980’s Soundtracs CM4400 console.

To say we are excited about this milli naghma will be an understatement. Nothing beats a milli naghma that makes you sing along as well as raise your patriotic spirit. And on this 70th anniversary of Pakistan, we all are looking forward to something like this. Best of luck to Saira and her song!

Arsala Khalid

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