Romantic Couple Iqra Aziz and Yasir Hussain Celebrating Eid Together

Celebrities have been posting their Eid pictures on social media. The excitement for Eid is getting into full swing in Pakistan as people around the country are enthusiastically celebrating the grand festival by sharing love, food and most interestingly their pretty Eid pictures. 

Pakistani celebrities are on the top when it comes to showing off Eid looks which makes their fans go gaga. Yasir Husain and Iqra Aziz have been the talk of the town for a long time now. Like other celebrities, Yasir Husain shared his Eid picture with his fiance in which they looked perfect. Yasir Husain wore white shalwar kameez with blue waistcoat and gorgeous Iqra Aziz wore a beautiful sari. Their picture went viral over the internet and was loved by their fans. 

The newly engaged couples, Iqra Yasir and Ahad Sajal celebrated Eid-ul-Adha together. 

We wish you a happy Eid. Have a look at romantic Iqra Yasir Eid pictures. 

Iqra Yasir 1

Iqra Yasir 2

Iqra Yasir 3

Iqra Yasir 4

Iqra Yasir 5

Iqra Yasir 6

Iqra Yasir 7


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  • ALLAH ke waste nikah kar lain phir aisi pic lain. Logon ko rehnay dein lkn ALLAH SE TO KHAUF KHAIN…..

  • Very very shameful

    Kia Kia horaha hai
    Madina jaisi riyasat banany main
    Sirf engagement hoi hai aur mazay aisay horahay Hain kaisay
    Very very shameful for all Muslims

  • I watched iqra serial for a while but now hate her for what she’s doing and displaying a very bad image..
    I think sajal looks gorgeous and very cute …..

  • Exactly….just do Nikah and then post ur pics ( those also with a certain CoC) please…Pakistanis do not want to make dating/ roaming around freely with fiance a norm…thank you..just requesting… not meant to offend in any way

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