Saba Qamar’s Bold Look In Latest Pictures

Saba Qamar is one of the most talented actors of Pakistani drama and film industry. She has worked hard for decades to master her craft and now she is one of the best in her field. Apart from being an actor, Saba Qamar is also a model who is continuously seen experimenting with her looks. Saba Qamar is not afraid to be bold in photo shoots and by bold we mean sporting the kind of looks which most models and actors shy away from. The actress who believes in being the best version of herself continues to give her career the very best too in order to excel in it.

These latest pictures from Saba Qamar’s photo shoot show her in a completely different look which is both bold and appealing. The actress who recently made her mark by giving a superb performance in the hit drama serial Cheekh continues to impress her fans and followers.

Saba Qamar 4 Saba Qamar 6 Saba Qamar Saba Qamar1 Saba Qamar2 Saba Qamar3 Saba Qamar5 Saba Qamar8

Saba Qamar 1 Saba Qamar 3 Saba Qamar 6 1 Saba Qamar 7 Saba Qamar 2 Saba Qamar2 1 Saba Qamar4 Saba Qamar5 1


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  • saba qamar u r my all time favorite piece of show bizz. i would love to see u in more projects. cheekh was such a nice character u just looked real in each scene. well done!! thumbs up

  • Saba qamar is very beautiful
    Cheek darama .baghi. Digest writer. I lick Siriyal
    I love Saba qamar

  • Really aik pic mai bi achi nahii lag rai halaky wasey beautiful and smart hy bt sorry to say not looking good…

  • Saba , you are beautifull but now lately started exposing your body , just to be in competition with the other beauties of showbiz, if that’s the reason them plz stop , as you hv reached heights in World of Acting! Think twice !!!

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