Saba Qamar’s Phone Might Have Been Hacked

We’re living in a digital world where nothing is safe. Not even in the confines of our house. And to testify just that, let us give you the example of the actress, Saba Qamar, whose phone might have been hacked.

According to Saba’s manager Meshal Cheema, Saba’s phone might have been hacked as Meshal received calls from Saba’s number with an unknown male on the line. All this happened while Saba had her phone with her.

Saba Qamar's Phone Might Have Been Hacked

According to Meshal’s Instagram story, she “received a call Saba’s number asking me if I am Mishi and the person was an anonymous young man.”

Meshal then added that the man said that he had found the phone at a park where Saba jogs, and upon inquiring how he accessed the phone, he implied that he found it unlocked. “I asked him who and where he is, to which he kept asking if this is Saba’s number and when I got mad, he cut the phone,” she wrote.

Saba Qamar's Phone Might Have Been Hacked

Meshal also added that she straight away called Saba, who was shocked to know someone was using her number to call.


According to Meshal, the suspected foul play could have come through with the video chatting app, Houseparty, that they had been using of late. The app has become very common during the lockdown and a number of cases of misuse and hacking have been reported through that.

Saba Qamar's Phone Might Have Been Hacked

Although there was no proof that the app was responsible for the glitch with Saba’s phone, Meshal however, clarified that they had warned and informed people ahead of it, in case something happened.

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