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Sadia Imam Is Back On TV With Her Own Show

Sadia Imam has impressed the viewers with her versatility and talent time and again. After doing wonders on the small screen Sadia Imam left her fans very sad when she announced that she was going to leave television and move out of country after getting married. Different television channels with which Sadia Imam did a lot of work bid her farewell in a very nice way but guess what we have not seen the last of this talented lady. After making a few appearances on different Morning Shows with her husband and daughter Sadia Imam is now making a proper comeback to television but this time she will not be seen acting.


Sadia Imam will be hosting the show “Samaa Ke Mehman” which airs on Samaa TV. In this show Sadia Imam will spend a day with famous personalities and show the public a glimpse of their life.

Here are some pictures of the show in which Sadia Imam spent a day with Resham:

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