Sadia Imam look – Before or After Surgery

It undoubtedly is a fact that celebrities have to look beautiful and have to stay on top of their game in order to stay in demand in this career. Celebrities are those people that have a huge fan-following and are looked upto by a lot of young impressionable admirers and that is why, everything that celebrities endorse clicks with their supporters as they being loyal to their idols do what they are being told to.

Apart from looking beautiful (by hook or by crook) our celebrities also have a huge responsibility on their shoulders to teach their young fan-following a thing or two – which also include instilling the idea of natural beauty and self-confidence in them.

Sadia Imam Surgery

From the last few years, our celebrities not only started relying on cosmetic procedures but also started openly endorsing them by promoting it either on morning shows or their social media accounts. The argument that they present states that it is not a bad thing to change or improve what you don’t like about yourself. Yes, it is their face and they are entitled to do what they want to but to promote it to younger generation by instilling low self-esteem, fears and vulnerabilities in them is not at all justified because for people from regular walks of life, looking beautiful is not the only purpose of their lives.

Sadia Imam Surgery

It is unfortunate when we see our perfectly beautiful actresses resorting to such procedures in order to look better but they end up looking like a poster of ‘which doctor you should not go to’ because the changes in them are anything but beautiful.

One such actress who has scared and scarred her followers is Sadia Imam who has recently made appearances on different shows back to back. Sadia Imam does not shy away from endorsing and promoting these procedures and she shares everything that she gets done to her face on her social media handles.

Sadia Imam look - Before or After Surgery

We would like to believe that Sadia Imam is a wise woman with a huge success and fame under her belt so we are not sure why she has been displaying so much of desperation over the years? Has her career graph deteriorated or she has harboured some major complexes over these years? What we know is that Sadia Imam was loved by everyone because of her craft and phenomenal acting skills and she got all this fame way before she looked like what she looks like now, so not sure what is the force motivating her to do this to herself?

Sadia Imam Surgery

With passing age, people garner more wisdom and vision but in Sadia Imam’s case, we can only see desperation and attention-seeking that too at the expense of her beautiful features which are definitely unable to handle the amount of botox and filler that has been injected into them.


Sadia Imam look - Before or After Surgery Sadia Imam look - Before or After Surgery Sadia Imam look - Before or After Surgery Sadia Imam look - Before or After Surgery Sadia Imam look - Before or After Surgery Sadia Imam look - Before or After Surgery Sadia Imam look - Before or After Surgery Sadia Imam look - Before or After Surgery Sadia Imam look - Before or After Surgerysadiaimam1Sadia Imam look - Before or After Surgery

What are your thoughts? Do you prefer the old beautiful Sadia Imam who was famous for who she was or the new Sadia Imam who is a result of a lot of injections and is a flag bearer of cosmetic procedures?


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