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Sadia Khan ready to Work in Bollywood Movies

These days when the Pakistani Drama industry artists and celebrities are finding their career in jeopardy probably because of the telecast of foreign content,they are looking for other opportunites, and looking for offers in the Film industry. Just like Ainy Jaffri, Mona Lisa and other actresses who are trying to establish their filmy career, Sadia Khan is another name in the list.

Model Sadia Khan 

The talented actress, Sadia Khan, who has already shot for a small-budget movie with Imran Abbas to be released no one knows when, is said to be looking for more movies now. Earning populaity with her drama “Yariyan” Sadia grabbed oportunites for herself in terms of Advertisements and serials, and now she is ready to start her career in movies. The actress, surprisingly, did not receive big projects from the TV industry and continued doing small roles in telefilms. While she was qustioned about her goodwill working across the border, Sadia said that she have no issues in it, giving a welcoming signal to the producers and directors  of Bollywood.

We Wish Sadia all the very best for the new moves in her career,

Best Wishes,

Nida Zaidi