Sadia Khan ready to Work in Bollywood Movies

These days when the Pakistani Drama industry artists and celebrities are finding their career in jeopardy probably because of the telecast of foreign content,they are looking for other opportunites, and looking for offers in the Film industry. Just like Ainy Jaffri, Mona Lisa and other actresses who are trying to establish their filmy career, Sadia Khan is another name in the list.

Model Sadia Khan 

The talented actress, Sadia Khan, who has already shot for a small-budget movie with Imran Abbas to be released no one knows when, is said to be looking for more movies now. Earning populaity with her drama “Yariyan” Sadia grabbed oportunites for herself in terms of Advertisements and serials, and now she is ready to start her career in movies. The actress, surprisingly, did not receive big projects from the TV industry and continued doing small roles in telefilms. While she was qustioned about her goodwill working across the border, Sadia said that she have no issues in it, giving a welcoming signal to the producers and directors  of Bollywood.

We Wish Sadia all the very best for the new moves in her career,

Best Wishes,

Nida Zaidi

  • Fatima tuz Zahra

    YA ALLAH issay tofeeq dena k koi acha role ly yeh…..pleaseeeeeeeeee…..AMeen

    • nida_zaidi

      Hi Fatima,
      Well seriously, I really hope to see her working in something different 🙂

  • abcd

    Give credit when you rewrite someone else's work
    This is stolen from TVKahani:

    • nida_zaidi

      This news is not COPIED in the first place. Secondly, It would be great if you search about the news, you will get bundles of site talking about the newly createdhype, and TVkahani is one of them. No doubt. Secondly neither we are cousins or elatives of the cerebrities we write about. There are resources which we share as a writer on net.


    • sameen

      lolllzzzz what an explanation !!!

  • bass kardo!

    pehle acting tou seekh lo behen ji phir jana bollywood!

    • Yousafzai

      yes true she has totally expressionless face and very poor acting

  • abcd

    Firstly, thanks for not deleting it. Secondly, this is clearly rewritten. Even the phrases are same!
    I don't have much issues with it personally, but find it weird at times that people (be it this site, TVKahani or any other).

  • Pk1

    I just lovv her, he is the most pretiest lady in PAk

  • Zia

    Khuda Aur Mohabbat
    Karun sajda ek khuda ko.
    Parhun kalma ya mein dua dun.
    Donun hi ek – khuda aur mohabbat.

    Khuda ke naam pe sajde mein sar jhukna ibadat hai.
    Wo dil ALLAH ka ghar hai ke jis dil mein mohabbat hai.

    Parhun Ayat koi Surat sanam ke naam ka kalma.
    Wafa ke do daanun par Tasbeeh to mukammal hai.
    Wo Jannat ho ya ye duniya.
    Inhi lafzon ki chahat hai.
    Mohabbat hai khuda jaisi.
    Khuda hi to mohabbat hai.

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    My translation:
    Whether I prostrate to one God.
    Or repeat the name and pray for (beloved).
    Both God and Love are the same.

    To bow your head in prostration in God's name is worship.
    That heart is ALLAH's house in which there is Love.

    Whether I recite a verse or a chapter (of Holy Qur'an).
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    Love is a sin but love is also God.
    I hope I do not die in this grief that I may not be able to say that I love you.
    My living is worship (in God), my dying is love (for beloved)

    I do not agree with the lyrics of Khuda Aur Muhabbat song written by Javeria and sung by Ahmed Jahanzeb. Loving a girl cannot be equal to worshipping Allah (s.w.t.) or reciting the Qur'an. Those lyrics can only be true for the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.).

    However, the story of the drama itself has many beautiful messages for youngsters in today's society. I hope they will learn a message from it on how to love someone with pure heart and modesty, and also how to respect parents and stay focus on the path of Islam.

    The role which Sadia Khan played as Imaan is so pure and beautiful that every girl should try to attain it. Always in parda (veil) in front of na-mahram men (strangers). She did not disobey her parents and always stayed on the path of righteousness, shame and haya (modesty).

    She committed one mistake of seeing a na-mahram man alone because she was compelled to do so to save him from death, but she repented for this sin with deep regret and grief in her heart which led her to death.

    She lived in worship of Allah (s.w.t.) and she died because of her love ("Mera jeena ibadat hai, mera marna muhabbat hai"). What a beautiful way to die in honor, haya (modesty) and Imaan (faith). She reached the status of shuhada (the martyrs).

    Khuda Aur Muhabbat changed my life because of Sadia Khan. Seeing her purity and modesty increased my Imaan (faith) in Allah (s.w.t.) and instilled a deep desire in my heart to follow Islam more closely and to stay away from evil and immodest behaviour. I am more focussed in trying to live in the way portrayed by Sadia Khan in the drama.

    May Allah bless you Sadia Khan and protect you from evil eyes and against the power of Shaitan who will try to mislead you into doing roles which are vulgar, immodest and shameful (do not do those roles at any cost or loss). Ameen.


    • ayta malik


  • pakistani

    she should be in top 10 asian beauties ..

  • Anonymous

    I dont understand why our artists whether it be actors or singers are dying to work in india our artists directors and producers should do something that they should not have any need to work in india just like they dont need us we play their adds on our channels , why?? have Our actors and models died?? and our producers cant produce anything new like any action drama or fantasy drama it will surely help drama industry why only love stories and social problems i think thats the real problem that our producers and directors lack creativity

  • امجد

    وینا ملک اور مونالیزا کی مثال سامنے رکھتے ہوۓ انڈیا جاۓ ،جتنی ان کی عزت ھے اتنی ہی اس کی بھی ھو گی .

  • yasha

    ye nida zaidi jis ne ye likha hai usko doob marna chahiye because she wants us to say best wishes to sadia khan for going to bollywood shame on u and on sadia khan pakistan ko pata nahi kya hota ja raha hai

  • Mohammad Rizwan

    Salam! My sweety!
    When I heard that you want to go bollywood. Then till now nothing I want to eat. Coz I’m so umbragous. You’re Eman…… Look to the situation of India. There is also examples in front of you….. like Veena Malik…..etc.
    Plzzzzz Please don’t go to Bollywood. And Plz prepare your coming soon drama KHUDA AUR MOHABBAT SEASON 2.

  • adnan afrydy

    yeah dont go

  • adnan afrydy

    dreamy mouth and eyes… <3