Sajal Draws Ahad’s Sketch & Its Mindblowing

There is absolutely no denying the fact that Sajal Aly is a phenomenal actress. She has debuted in Bollywood amongst the very best and continues to shine in Pakistan.

Sajal Draws Ahad's Sketch & Its Mindblowing

We often wondered what would Sajal do if she wasn’t an actress. Listening to her sing the OST of O Rangreza, we thought she could have been a singer but now there is one other profession that Sajal might have been very good at.

Sajal Draws Ahad's Sketch & Its Mindblowing


That particular profession happens to be a sketch artist. Now we know Sajal’s sister Saboor has a keen interest in sketching and painting but seeing Sajal’s sketch of her husband Ahad, we’re convinced that it runs in the family.

Sajal Draws Ahad's Sketch & Its Mindblowing

Sajal recently took to her Instagram to share a sketch she drew of husband Ahad and we’re mindblown.

“Its not easy to capture this man’s beauty,” writes Sajal as a caption and we love the fact that she has signed the portrait as “wifey Sajal.” Now how adorable is that!

Sajal Draws Ahad's Sketch & Its Mindblowing

Sajal and Ahad tied the knot in March this year in Abu Dhabi. The duo can currently be seen together on screen in Hum TV’s Yeh Dil Mera.

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