Sajid Hassan Verbally Abuses Waseem Badami In A Live Show

Live shows can sometimes bring out the most unexpected aspects of people’s personalities. Waseem Badami nowadays is known more for his bouncers and Googlys on his talk show than anything else. His hard-hitting questions most often take his guests by surprise but Sajid Hassan was definitely not one of those guests on his show.

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Waseem Badami took Sajid Hassan’s permission before asking one such question about the condition of his hair since almost a year back, Sajid Hassan’s video went viral in which he warned people against a doctor who did not know how to do a hair transplant but he was practicing and there was no one who could question him.

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Waseem Badami most certainly was not expecting to get the kind of response he got when he asked the question. Sajid Hassan was angry and blunt. He said that no one bothered asking him how he was doing when he was fighting for his life.

Sajid Hassan said that the fact was that when people like Waseem Badami wanted to invite a guest, they get in contact with celebrities otherwise no one really looks out for anyone in the industry. Sajid Hassan also said that there are some groups of celebrities who look out for each other, otherwise everyone is on their own.

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Waseem Badami tried to ignore these comments as a joke but Sajid Hassan made it clear that he was not joking. Sajid Hassan verbally abused Waseem Badami for asking an inappropriate question and for not bothering to even visit him when he was going through hell. The channel had to censor some of the words he said.


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  • Perhaps Sajjid Hassan shouldn’t have over reacted,but in my opinion Waseem Badami isn’t a very nice person.He’s catty and small minded.He’s one of those numerous anchor persons who have little to say and hold daily tamashas in their talk shows,encouraging the participants to be rude to one another.He definitely dislikes PTI and is almost always mocking the members of that party.In short,he should be fired from his job.

  • @Shehnaz: Although your comment was about Waseem Badami but it tells a lot about you! You were supposed to comment on this video. Not on the mirror!!

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  • Acha kia Sajid Hassan ny.Waseem Badami is over smart.Almost all members of Ary news are over smart.He deserve insult.

  • Actually people like Sajid Hasan don’t have the Sense to think a minute before what they say , they infact don’t deserve to come on such shows . Waseem badami took permission before asking , it was all on him to give a appropriate answer or not but abusing him let us knew what are you ! Waseem badami we are are with you !

  • This video aside, Badami is the person who gets over projection by the channel, I mean can’t they find some other talented persons, talk show, Ramadan transmission and many other places , we see his face with no special skills. Please try to take other people in, there is no shortage of talent in Pakistan

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