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Saleem Sheikh With His Wife And Daughters

Saleem Sheikh is a star and has been in the industry for years now. Part of the Sheikh clan, he is the younger brother of multi-talented Javed Sheikh but Saleem made an identity for himself which is not overshadowed by Javed Sheikh. His nephew Shahzad is also a star now while niece Momal is working in the industry. He is close to the Sabzwaris too naturally.

Saleem Sheikh is not only a talented star but also a true family guy. He spends all his spare tie with his wife and daughters. Going on vacations to having some cooking sessions in the kitchen, Saleem has done it all. Here are some pictures of Saleem Sheikh with his beautiful family:

With all the Sheikh and Sabzwari kids coming into the industry, we can hope that we may see the younger kids in the entertainment industry too.

Saleem indeed has a very beautiful family!

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