Salman Ahmed Pays A Fanboy Tribute To Imran Khan

Salman Ahmed has been an avid fan of PTI and Imran Khan since long. He is almost always among the promoinent faces in all of PTI’s protests and marches.

The love and admiration Salman Ahmed has for Imran Khan has always been very evident but in the wake of the JIT and its current decision, Salman has released a very warm tribute for Imran Khan.

The video has been sung and produced by Salman Ahmed himself and uploaded on his YouTube channel that he has named under the banner of Junoon. It is the first video of this channel that has amassed 69 dislikes in three days. The video is a little odd with Imran’s personal life, marriage and professional struggle in a five minutes long compilation. It also shows glimpses of Salman Ahmed and his wife. We feel that in his eagerness to show his deep love and respect, Salman has not paid much attention to the technicalities and put forward a very raw, heartfelt tribute.

Watch for yourself to see how you feel about the video;

Mehwish Mansoor

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