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Salman Faisal’s Mayoun-Pictures

Saba Faisal is a veteran of our industry. She is one of the most talented faces of Pakistan and has a huge number of projects to her credit. Naturally, people always want to know about her and her family. Saba’s family also is following in her footsteps and her daughter Sadia Faisal and sons Arsalan and Salman have also joined the field.

Her son Salman Faisal is known for his role in the recently concluded hit drama Dil Mom Ka Diya where he played the role of Tipu. The actor is getting hitched and his Nikkah ceremony has already taken place. Salman’s Mayoun functon just took place and the actor’s family and his wife looked awesome at the function. Check out some pictures from Salman Faisal’s Mayoun: