Saman Ansari Has Complaint From PIA

The Pakistan International Airlines (PIA)  have shown signs of improvement in just one year’s time, though there are still many challenges to overcome and more new heights to achieve.

Pakistani actress Saman Ansari travelled through PIA and she faced some trouble. Saman Ansari took to Instagram and requested higher authorities to allow extra baggage.

Saman Ansari Has Complaint From PIAIn a video message, she said, “I am at Jinnah International Airport, Karachi on the way to Bahawalpur for my new shoot. I have a complaint from Pakistan International Airlines that in domestic travel they allow just 20 kgs which is unrealistic.”

Saman Ansari Has Complaint From PIAShe requested higher authorities and said, “If somebody is going for two months then it is impossible that the baggage weight is 20 kgs. I have paid excess baggage fee and I request to senior management of PIA to be a little more realistic. Other airlines allow 30-32 kgs and be a little more competitive because we want to support our Pakistan International Airlines.


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