Private Photo Of Alizeh Shah Leaked Again

Alize Shah who has been the current crush of the town has been part of the controversy. Alleged photos have been circulating on the internet of Alizeh Shah but it seems to be a fake scandal.

Private Photo Of Alizeh Shah Leaked AgainHer other private picture has been leaked online by unknown people, though the authenticity of leaked pictures remains uncertain.

Private Photo Of Alizeh Shah Leaked Again

The picture is going viral on Twitter by an account named Showbiz and Name which also shared private pictures of Alizeh Shah last week.

Private Photo Of Alizeh Shah Leaked Again

Last week, this same account shared private pictures that are being associated with Alizeh Shah and her rumored boyfriend Noman Sami, though both the celebrities are yet to comment on the situation.

Private Photo Of Alizeh Shah Leaked Again

Well, the Ehd-e-Wafa actress Alizeh Shah has not given any official statement regarding her leaked pictures.

Private Photo Of Alizeh Shah Leaked Again

Its 2020 and still our women are going through such problems. Its time to shame the culprits who invade other’s privacy by leaking their pictures and videos under any circumstance.


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  • There is only one answer for all the girls and boys ,do not take any pictures that you do not wants to be leaked,even in western countries this happened,specifically to artists! All currupts minds are always busy to hurt others ! Take action to protect yourself ,always be proactive ,specifically if you are in public eye!

    • So would your solution be the same for someone who had thier car stolen? Bhai, you see it’s your own fault for having a car. If you didn’t have a car it wouldn’t be stolen, or if you didn’t have a house it would not be burgled. Don’t buy things that you are not willing to get stolen. IT was your own fault for being shot you left the house.

      When are you people going to get out of the victim blaming mind set and blame the person who is doing the crime. In the UK it is a crime to post revenge photos online of others.

      • it is not victim blaming but it’s about being smart. Don’t trust just someone with personal pics of yours. You never know when he/she will turn against you and leak them. Yes this is a crime but it is happening around the world. Your example with the car doesn’t even make sense. When your car gets stolen you only lose money which is nothing compared to your dignity.
        I do feel bad for her though. Comments begging for her leaked videos are disgusting. Hope the person who is behind this gets punished and she gets support from her close people.

      • You are right ‘me’ but Rumi is not wrong either. It is just for this n many more such reasons that Islam has prohibited intimacy between ‘na mehrams’. N if anyone is so much obsessed, then get married.
        Has anyone ever posted his or her bedroom pics?

      • sending nude pics to boyfriend is also a crime. UK is encouraging people to send each other nude photos by making this law.

  • Errrm to the person who tried to use a stolen car as an example this is totally not the same as these are private photos that she shouldn’t be sending like this through the internet and secondly, I think you are forgetting Pakistan is a Muslim country which is conservative about religion so why even do something stupid like this and then state oh people are so close minded, if you don’t like the countries views on religion that much well then move elsewhere as nor is this justified on moral grounds but also not on religious grounds. The Pakistani actors are not setting a good example at all both men and women are equally to blame for corrupting upcoming teenagers and the youth and I feel as adults we are responsible to word our opinions where we feel necessary to do so. You can come at me as much as you like but tbh we will see who is right and who is wrong on the day of judgement.

  • Are you guys for real? Why the hell are you even giving coverage to these pictures? I get that. For the sake of some views. Please stop doing these tactics. By writing posts like this, you are actually spreading these pictures to more people; something you will always be held accountable for. Judge kiye baghair articles likhna so that nobody can point fingers on you laikin phir b fasaad daal daina!! بھئی واہ۔ aisay talent per shadeed laanat

  • There is a video of her giving a BJ to her boyfriend that’s circulating! But there’s hush hush about everything because she has backing of ISPR. Now compare this to rabi peerzada. Hers went viral and was the talk of the town. All she needed to do was kiss ISPR ass and her videos would ha ve been taken down too and hushed up

  • I was a regular visiter and a reader on this website but since a while this website has lost its credibility. Shame on the writer of this article for further spreading the poor girl’s misery. You shouldn’t have shared this news in the first place kyun kay jin logon ko pata nai tha, unhay pata chal gaya, thanks to you. Aur agar news denay ka itna hi shauk tha toh kamaskam us ki pictures toh share na kartay. Us bechari pay kya guzar rahi ho gi, aap ko kuch andaza hai?? You are no better than the person who leaked her pictures in the first place. KINDLY REMOVE THIS ARTICLE from this website as this is a matter of someone’s reputation. Khuda ka kuch khauf kar lain aap!!!

  • If someone loves you like they claim to, they would never ask you to take compromising pictures, this is not Love.

    Rami is right – don’t involve yourself in such things.

    I feel really sad for Alizeh.

  • kuch bhi hai — Cute buhat hai ye – – -Ahad ko chahye abhi bhi time hai —- Me kehta hn Soch Lo

  • This site has started playing a part in defaming pakistani actors and actresses, and glorifying Indian third class actors!

  • No doubt about it Alizy is such a nice girl and she is good actress ….I realy like her .
    And jealous people are always jealous because jealousy is disease which can’t leave jealous people, until death.

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