Srha Asgr Talking About Her Amazing Transformation

Is being fat a sin? Are fat women ugly? Are they not allowed to live their life the way they want because they are fat? Well, being fat or thin doesn’t make you any better except your good deeds. 

Srha Asgr, a young and beautiful Pakistani actress, recently took to Instagram to inspire her fans and followers. She posted her 7 years old picture with a recent one to show a prominent change in her body. 

Srha shared a short motivational story of her life in the caption. She was one chubby kid whom everyone used to make fun of. They used to call her with weird names, frustrate her to let her down, but she didn’t give up. It was hard for her to balance her studies, work-life, home life all at once, but she did. Srha loves herself, and she did what made her happy. 

People will treat you the way they want, you can’t stop them! All you can do is continue living a happy life and show them their words don’t matter. 

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