Sami Khan On Being Pakistani Cinema’s New Favorite

Sami Khan is the hottest addition to the new age Pakistani Cinema cinema. He’s has been reigning on Television so far but he’s back to where he started from. He was an engineer but very passionate about acting so he joined films and landed a signifacant role in Shahzad Rafique’s 2004 release Salakhain opposite Zara Shaikha and Meera. Films stopped being made and Sami switched to television and he has ruling ever since.

His first of the four films lined up would be an indie movie called Gumm. On being asked how he got the film, he said, “Ammar called me for the film that he was making with his wife, so I asked him to send me the script and it was very detailed, with the minutes marked for every scene,” Khan recalled. “But I did have a lot of questions, so they sent me their show reels when I asked them about how they planned on executing the story and they told me they’d minored in cinematography as well. And I was completely sold when I met them, after I signed onto the film, and they narrated the script to me. They were very clear about what they wanted and had done their homework.”

On Kaaf Kangana he said, ““It’s a very nice script and I’m lucky to be a part of it. There’s great responsibility on my shoulders as well, which is why I haven’t done any drama for about eight months now; I’ve given my all to the film. And the advantage we have is that Khalil sahab is directing also, so he knows how to translate his script on celluloid. His dialogues aren’t plain lines to read out, they’re lyrical and poetic, and I couldn’t deliver them at times, so he’s been there to guide me through. I’ve learnt how acting in films need to have those dramatic pauses, to make it all look larger-than-life.”

On why he chose to do Wrong No. 2. He replied, “In all these years, I’d never worked with Yasir until Khudgharz, last year. And he pushed me to do a negative role, so I enjoy being challenged; for an actor, comedy is the most difficult genre to attempt. I think after suspense and an intense romance, this would be a relief for cine-goers as well. I hope people can forget logic, buy their popcorn and just have a good laugh; go home smiling.”

Sohayl Ahmed