Sana Fakhar’s Advise On How To Ignore Body Shamers

Sana Fakhar’s advise is not to be missed out.


Celebrities come across severe criticism, whether its about their body or their lifestyle choices. Many celebrities have been body shamed by our very own awaam. We have examples of Hareem Farooq and Juggun Kazim who have been body shamed.

Throughout the world, plus size models are walking on ramps and making their way while, we are still stuck on making fun of women for their bodies. Sana Fakhar has always been vocal about this issue. She shared a picture of her on Instagram where she questioned:

Why do we have double standards!? Size zero, four or six… why do we have to put a number upon and against people?

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Why do we have double standards!? Size Zero, 4, 6 or else, why do we have to put a number upon & against people? Why do we have to have to judge everything & everyone against a single standard or benchmark of our own? Why in certain cases, people come out & defend others against body shaming, while in others, they won't? Why can't we let others live & cherish life in their own skin & be comfortable in who they are? Have always believed in living a healthy lifestyle in being & loving who you are. There would be days when we are overweight, thin or overwhelmed with emotions, enjoy each passing moment, nevertheless. Always trying to motivate others, exercise to have a enjoyable life, instead of being only thin; let them enjoy a lifestyle of fitness, which is a comprehensive lifestyle statement, not just limited to weight. Our goal should be to encourage others, achieve whatever they want in life. It's not about a particular shape, size or else; it's simply being able to love & enjoy life as you prefer, full of energy & spreading positive energy, whoever you come across in life. #stopbodyshaming #lifestyleoffitness

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Sana maintains a healthy lifestyle and encourages others to do the same. In her recent video, she is giving advise on how to ignore body shaming and she totally nails it.


“Why God has given you two ears? Listen from one ear and out from another. So, take your every criticism like that,” Sana advised.

Sana’s Instagram handle is filled with her gym photos where she can be seen performing many exercises. She keeps herself in shape and motivates others to maintain the healthy lifestyle.

Sana surely knows how to ignore haters. Let’s take a look at her some photos which are absolutely treat to eyes.

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