Old Pakistani Drama Pyas is Being Transformed into an Indian Film

Asghar Nadeem Syed famous play writer went to Mumbai and was there approached by the well-known Indian lyricist and screenwriter Javed Akhtar who wished that he wants to turn his PTV drama Pyas into a film.

Syed has also given a positive signal and the script is under the development process. Syed also shared that he was contacted by numerous people for converting his dramas inti film but as Javed Akhtar is a very talented man and also a friend of his so therefore he feels things are different with him.

The film Pyas which was well directed by the Nusrat Thakur was aired on PTV long ago, it mainly revolved around feudalism.
According to sources Syed said, “Although I wrote it a while ago, it is still relevant for many areas. Pyas had done really well back then and I hope it will do the same as a film.”

He also added that “Pyas became a trendsetter and converted man actors into famous celebritiesm actors like Javed Kodu and Sohail Ahmed got recognition after Pyas. I am glad to hear that they are making it into a film.”
He said that it should not be ignored that the actors like Thakur and the rest of the cast, Tahira Wasti, Nighat Butt, Abid Ali, Mahboob Alam, Masood Alam and Afzal Ahmad also played there role in making the play a big hit .