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First Look of the Film Thora Jee Le!

The genre of the film Thora Jee le is comedy and drama. The film will be revolving around seven friends and their journey through life. The male lead is being portrayed by Jaffri, playing the role of a rich but down to earth, humble guy, who is unsatisfied with life. Moreover it can also be said that it is a story about self discovery, friendship, trust, and connection between friends, who venture on a journey of a lifetime, only to discover that, FATE has different plans for all of them.

The cast of the film includes Rizwan Ali Jaffri, Bilal Abbas, Kasim Khan, Fatima Shah Jillani, Ramsha Khan, Salman Faisal  and Ahsan Mohsin Ikram.

The film is Mahtab Akbar Rashdi’s production and its first look has been revealed featuring the model turned actor Rizwan Ali Jaffri.  It is Rizwan Ali’s debut .The title depicts that Jaffri, who plays the role of Kaizaad, is maybe pondering over life problems.

Film is directed and written by Rafay Rashid and as the producer of the film is Mahtab, who has a very broad vision it is expected that the audience will definitely enjoy the film.

First look of the film