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Sana Safinaz Accused Of Racism

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Sana Safinaz came under the fire back in 2012 for it’s poor campaign choice and the famous brand has done it again. As some see the campaign as a representation of African culture other’s accuse the campaign for using black people as props and of culture appropriation.

Here’s what twitter had to say about the new Sana Safinaz spring collection,

One of the users said,

“#SanaSafinaz learned nothing from their infamous ‘coolie’ ad campaign a few years ago. Now they’re at it again appropriating African culture and using black people as props. Apparently #racism sells! @sanasafinazoff”

While another one called Pakistanis out for their deeply rooted racism,

“sana safinaz a large pakistani clothing brand using native africans and their culture as props. yall still want to tell me the deep rooted racism in pakistan is not there? try again”

Some users said the campaign was very disturbing,

“I am sorry am I missing something here with this campaign? Sanasafinaz using these people as an ornament to selling their over priced lawn?? Mind blown at why they would deem this acceptable to the slightest. #disturbingAF”

One of the users said she’d be boycotting the brand this year,

“#SanaSafinaz using African culture as subservient props for a shoot is exactly why I’m not buying their lawn this time! This isn’t the first time this brand decided to appropriate a group of people who are often referred as disadvantaged #BoycottSanaSafinaz @sanasafinazoff”

Many users thought the campaign exploited black people and reduced them to the status of accessories,

let’s talk about the regressive, racist, downright offensive sana safinaz shoot. it’s 2018 & they think it’s okay to use black figures as accessories and exploit black culture as a means to sell overpriced lawn?matlub koi sharam hoti hai k oi hayah hoti hai.”

So far there hasn’t been a response from Sana Safinaz.

What’s your opinion of the campaign, share with us in the comments section.



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