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Sanam Saeed – The dynamic

Who doesn’t know her-  Sanam Saeed, the most versatile and a beautiful face of Pakistani Media Industry

Lets have a short conversation with us and know a little bit more about her

Which part of Pakistan do you hail from?
I was born in London, lived there till I was 6 years old and moved to Karachi in 1991 and have been here since then.

What is your Zodiac sign?
I am an Aquarian

Where were you schooled?
I was in Bay View High School till my O Levels

Were you involved in any sports during your school days?
I was a national swimmer in school and participated in long jump and high jump competitions.

After being chosen out of a population of 170 million people to represent the world’s leading beauty brand, do you feel you have come a long way in your profession?

I certainly do feel I have come a long way in my profession and it was a pleasure to see that the hunt was not just for models but for multi faceted all rounders who were successful in their respective careers and have worked hard over the years to become somebody.

How difficult is it in your opinion to balance your personal life with your professional life, as sometimes it can be difficult for a working woman?

Balancing your personal life from your professional can be challenging at times depending on your lifestyle I assume. I have been fortunate not to get the two mixed up or find it challenging.

Tell us a bit about your work as a model and actress?

I have been acting ever since I can remember. I started modeling when I was 16. As a teenager I didn’t enjoy modeling too much and was afraid I was too young to be caught up in the industry therefore seldom did shows. As an adult I grew to be more confident with a stronger more mature head on my shoulders and found modeling more interesting and easier. However, I still try to be selective about my work. As for acting I feel time and practice like anything makes one better and better at it. Black Fish, Chicago and Mamma Mia have been my best projects to date. Good team leaders, directors, years of experience on stage and passion has brought me where I am.

Today 51% of the population of our country are women, how do you feel they can progress and play a more active role in the country?

Women on news channels today, commercials, models, teachers especially, doctors, actors, NGO workers these women and many more are playing as big a role as they can in society. They are inspiring men, other women and children all the time. Their commitment, dedication, independence and femininity are prevalent all around us. An independent working woman’s role has proved to go a long way both nationally and internationally.

What makes a woman beautiful?

Confidence, warmth, humility and a great smile.

How do you feel being part of Loreal Paris?

Surprised for starters. I am also extremely flattered to have been chosen as the only representative from Karachi, and am excited to see the difference my participation in this project can make.

Do you have any personal goals you hope to achieve by being the brand spokesperson for Loreal Paris, how do you want to utilise this platform?

I hope that my involvement in this project encourages other girls particularly in the modeling/glamour industry to strive a little harder than just working on their appearances; to be passionate about other things they might enjoy doing and to never stop trying. In other words, (it has to be said) I hope that my being one of the brand spokespeople makes them all feel they’re worth it too.

What is the most thrilling or challenging aspect of being part of the largest cosmetic and beauty brand in the world?

The thrill is the fact that it is largest cosmetic and beauty brand in the world and little old me is part of it.

To what extent do you think you can represent Pakistani culture and beauty being a Loreal Paris brand spokesperson?

I am an example of one of the modern day, working, independent young women of Pakistan. I have represented my country as captain of my swim team, as a comedian, as an actor, as a model and now I get the chance to represent Pakistan as a brand spokesperson of the largest beauty company in the world. Therefore I think I can add to the positive message and idea regarding women of the third world countries that we have been able to achieve every now and then through various platforms.

If you were to pick a charitable cause, which one would you pick?

Any organisation working with children. An orphanage, Edhi or SOS.

You have garnered so much success and acclaim in your field, what would your message be for the young women of our country?

Follow your dream, never ever for one second give up something you feel you are immensely passionate about. Always try before you knock it down, not just once or twice but several times before you decide you have to give it up. Parents: support your children, let them put their foot in the door of their dreams and give them a chance before holding them back. I for one am extremely grateful to my parents for believing in me and letting me chase my dreams

S. Rasool

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