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Sara And Arisha With Mom On Faysal Qureshi’s Show

Sara Razi Khan got married recently and her wedding trended quite a lot on social media. The hot topic of sister Arisha Razi Khan’s dressing was also discussed a lot and her whole styling came under a lot of fire. The sisters have been very active since Sara’s marriage and are seen at many shows. Sara’s husband Umair also joined the girls when they were invited to Sanam Baloch’s show on Samaa. This time the Razi sisters joined Faysal Qureshi’s Salam Zindagi along side their mother and the ladies were looking simply gorgeous.

Both the newlywed Sara Razi Khan as well as sister Arisha Razi Khan opted for light pastel outfits and their hair was let down in soft waves. Their beautiful mother also joined them on the show. Here are the girls having some fun moments at the show as they got captured by the camera’s eye:

Sara and Arisha are really opening up about their personal side of life as they are appearing on a lot of shows to interact with their fans!