Sarah Khan Misses Her Mother On Valentine’s Day

Its been around four years since Sarah Khan’s mother left this world after fighting with an illness. Losing a parent is the most difficult thing and it is the most painful experience of your life.
Love for mother is forever and it is irreplaceable. The talented actress Sarah Khan’s mother is no more in this world as she passed away in 2017.
As today is valentine’s day and people are celebrating the special day with their beloved ones. Sarah Khan took to Instagram and posted a picture with her late mother.
She captioned, “Happy Valentines Day My beautiful Mama! wish you were here.
In one of her old interviews, Sarah Khan talked about the death of her mother. She shared that her mother had been fighting cancer for many years.
Sarah Khan said that her mother’s disease was getting worse with each passing day and she feels relieved that her mother is no more suffering.

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