Sarah Khan Once Slapped A Director

Sarah Khan is one of the most rectified actresses of the Pakistan Media Industry. Sabaat actress is extremely gorgeous and equally talented. Sarah Khan is indeed one of the most respected actresses of Pakistan. She act very decently and is known for wearing unrevealing clothes.

Sarah Khan Once Slapped A Director

Sarah Khan in one of her interview shared a shocking incident. She shared that once she slapped a director. Sarah Khan said that she was in her make up room with the director and she slapped him. Later, she realized that she is alone in the room and no one will get to know that she slapped the director, so she went out screamed and then slapped the director in front of everyone. She also told the reason of slapping him. Sarah Khan said that the director asked her out for a movie, Sarah obviously refused but when the director tried to hold her hand she slapped him.


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