Aiman And Muneeb About Hina Altaf

The issue came forward when Hina Altaf in an interview named Muneeb Butt as an actor who shows more attitude but is not that much good at acting. When the host asked him who is Muneeb Butt, she gave a reference of Muneeb Butt’s wedding. Hina also said that she was not invited in the wedding.

Aiman Khan and Muneeb Butt were invited in a show with Maria Wasti. She directly asked them that why they didn’t invite Hina Altaf in their wedding? Aiman Said: “So many people were invited, but we missed some people, Hina was one of them” but Muneeb denied and said: “Hina is a good friend of mine” he said: “I even added her to the whatsapp group for dance practices but she left that group all of sudden.” Aiman said: “She was in a flight with Hina Altaf and they were all good together.” But Muneeb Butt was quite sure that he invited Hina Altaf on his wedding.

Hina Saleem

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