Sarah Khan Talks About Item Number

Sarah khan is a Pakistani actress who appeared in several television serials. She played a supporting role in her debut drama in 2012 and got appreciated by the audience. From that moment, she signed many drama contracts for a number of producers. She played supporting and leading roles in many of her projects. Sarah is a versatile actress who can play selfish roles as good as emotional ones.

She recently got attention over the social media by talking about item songs in Pakistani films. She shared her point of view about item dance that has become necessary nowadays. The ’Dewar-e-Shab’ actress told media that she has been offered many films but refused to do so because she could not wear revealing clothes and perform item song.

Sarah Khan said in her interview that she is not against item songs as it is an art itself but she couldn’t let herself do it. For her, a good movie needs a good story, a good direction, and a good script to get success rather than an item number.

Although she is absolutely right about item song, now people are demanding for item songs and filmmakers have to fulfill their demand to attract a lot of audiences and make their film blockbuster.

What are your views about Sarah Khan’s statement?


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