Sarah Khan’s Dream Project

The diva Sarah Khan is a Pakistani actress who appears in the Urdu television series. She made her screen debut in 2012 as a supporting role in Badi Appa which was aired on Hum TV. She later appeared in several successful television series. 

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Sarah Khan loves to play a variety of roles. Her personality is totally opposite to her character she is playing in her ongoing drama ’Dewar-e-Shab’. Nobody thought that an innocent girl like Sarah Khan would play such a role. 

Sarah Khan

Sarah Khan in the latest interview at ’Subah sa agay’ on Hum News told the hosts that she loves her character in Dewar-e-Shab. She never thought of becoming an actress. She always wanted to be a fashion designer but after her debut drama, she changed her mind. 

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’The character I’m playing is my dream project’ said Sarah Khan at the show because she thought that people don’t want to see her playing a negative role and through this character, she is going to prove herself that she is a versatile actress who can play any role she wants to. 

Watch the full video for more details. 


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