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Sarah Razi And Her Husband on Good Morning Pakistan

Sarah Razi got married less than a month back and now she was invited as a guest on Good Morning Pakistan along with her husband. Sarah got emotional when she came. She shared how she got married to her husband who is also her cousin.

Sarah said that ever since she was a kid, her Khala used to say that she wanted her as her daughter in law. Sara’s mother however said that it was too early to make such decisions and they should let the children decide themselves once they grow up. Sarah said that when they were older, they also felt that they would be compatible and that is how they got married. Sarah’s husband is a banker and he is a quiet guy. Sarah got engaged first and the engagement lasted a little over a year.

Sarah said that her husband was very cool and calm. She said that she needed a man like that in her life because she gets stressed out easily and is also very talkative. She said that her husband always handles everything wisely and sensibly. Arisha also came to the show and said that the house was quiet now that Sarah was married.

It is great to know that the newlyweds are so happy. Here are some pictures from the show.