Sarwat Gillani And Fahad Mirza Get Candid On Salam Zindagi

Sarwat Gillani And Fahad Mirza Get Candid On Salam Zindagi

Fahad and Sarwat are one of the most amazing power couples of our industry. Sarwat is a pro when it comes to acting and Fahad is a master of all trades. He is a successful practising plastic surgeon, alongwith leading some powerful dramas on Tv. They are also very hands on parents to two adorable little boys, Rohaan and Araiz.

This Salam Zindagi sets of Faysal Qureshi was graced by their presence and some very candid replies to their old friend.

The conversation was very light hearted and thoroughly enjoyable. The couple also discussed their marital life and Sarwat gave advice to all couples wishing to keep the flame alive like them. She said that she loves to go an extra mile for Fahad and that she believes you need to do this for every relationship you wish to keep alive. Her secret is getting all dressed and fragrant when Fahad steps in the door from work.

When Faysal was curious about what is their mismatched habit, it was a surprise to know that prim and proper Sarwat gets ready first and then has to wait for Fahad who takes his own sweet time, much to Sarwat’s irritation. Who would have thought Sarwat looks this gorgeous by taking such a short time to get ready for any event?

It is not just beauty that comes naturally to Sarwat. The diva also looks thin effortlessly. Fahad disclosed how she eats all types of high calorie food and yet miraculously maintains her weight. Both Fahad and Faysal were pretty upset by this unfair stroke of luck, all in good fun though.

It was a very interesting episode with conversations ranging from acting skills to the fact that their first born who is two, is jealous of his baby brother. Even though Sarwat had prepared him well, the toddler still sometimes competes for attention.

Fahad also spoke how he is very conscious of his acting and makes Sarwat sit down and watch his performance numerous times, so he can improve himself. He also asked Faysal Qureshi to teach him some tricks of the trait, to which Faysal readily agreed. Fahad was feeling much more positive about his showbiz career now that his plastic surgery training is done with, since he can take up projects and work with no time constraints on them. He is all set to play the character of a lost and forlorn lover that he told he had always longed to play.

Overall it was one of the best episodes of Salam Zindagi and the gorgeous couple, who admitted to syncing their wardrobes when they go out together will give you major relationship goals.