Saud’s Near Death Experience Because of Meera?

Our Entertainment Industry is full of rumors about co-stars fighting on set. That’s why it’s so refreshing to find film and TV co-stars who not only get along, but consider themselves good friends long after their project has wrapped. In Saud’s interview to Faisal Qureshi the two seem pretty chummy with one another. These friends discuss one of the the behind the scenes that happened in the presence of the veteran actress,Meera Ji. Infact, she was a major participant in the act that nearly cost Saud his life! Saud and Faisal when teamed up, bring humour to the most dangerous of situations and this was no different.Meera was in the same danger as Saud was yet the actor said she was safe. Wondering why he said so? In fact, Meera was the reason Saud had to face the ordeal, Faisal claimed. Watch the video below to know what really happened:


Arsala Khalid

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